Fight Night Bonuses

by Chris Palmquist | source:

Ultimate Fight Night 19 Bonuses $30,000 each

Submission of the Night: Nate Diaz

Knockout of the Night: Jeremy Stephens

Fight of the Night: Nate Quarry vs. Tim Credeur

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jman site profile image  

9/17/09 1:00 PM by jman

Gollum IMO:

bearnakedchoke site profile image  

9/17/09 12:58 PM by bearnakedchoke

a face only a mother could love, go Nate!

taylork3 site profile image  

9/17/09 12:34 PM by taylork3

Anyone got a picture of Tim? :)

Herring In A Fur Coat site profile image  

9/17/09 12:30 PM by Herring In A Fur Coat

 Doubt it, don't see how getting knocked out by repeated punches to the nose would cause a severe back injury. 

solidsnake site profile image  

9/17/09 12:14 PM by solidsnake

Nate's knock down hook on Tim was awesomeFun fight to watch

TapoutT1978 site profile image  

9/17/09 12:06 PM by TapoutT1978

SHould have been 2 FON's.

Mica Kizbig site profile image  

9/17/09 11:59 AM by Mica Kizbig

It was a great fight for sure and Nate does not "look" like he won, lol. On another note, how is Credeur's jaw? I thought it looked like it was broken the way it was swelled up.

JimmersonzGlove site profile image  

9/17/09 11:50 AM by JimmersonzGlove

 I could be totally wrong but I vaguely remember him saying he got in a surfing accident or something? I think it was non-releated to the Franklin fight, but I don't really remember.

thePostman site profile image  

9/17/09 11:49 AM by thePostman

That was one of the best fight nights yet. Quarry vs. Credeur was a great fight.

RickStorm site profile image  

9/17/09 11:35 AM by RickStorm

Yeah.... but he won!! lol