Cung Le steps down, Shields v Mayhem for 185 title

by Steven Marrocco | source: mmaweekly


Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker Thursday confirmed to that his middleweight champion, Cung Le, has booked another major motion picture role and will relinquish his belt.

Jake Shields and Jason “Mayhem” Miller will now vie for the undisputed title under the eye of CBS when the two meet at the promotion’s primetime network debut Nov. 7 at location to be announced early next week. A report on says the Sears Center Arena in Chicago is under intense consideration, citing sources close to the situation. The telecast will air live from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. ET. Coker was unaware whether the broadcast would be tape delayed to other parts of the country.

“I had a conversation with Cung and he has a lot of respect for Jake and Jason, and he’s got another movie coming up, so he’s asked me if he could step down, which we’re going to honor his request,” said Coker. “By no means does that mean he’s going to be retired, but he’s going to be unavailable for the next two months.”

Coker said he hoped to book the newly minted movie star again after his filming obligations are completed, though nothing was confirmed.

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Mmanizzle site profile image  

9/18/09 6:20 PM by Mmanizzle

Dude, Cung got into MMA very late. He was a multiple world champion in San Shou (look it up). In doing so, he achieved a heck of a lot of success. He's paid his dues and has a lot of respect among fighters and promoters alike. Dana White wanted him to come to the UFC but he's loyal and is contracted to Coker at Strikeforce. Cung helped build the Strikeforce name. Now he's getting paid a shit load of money to make movies. He's proven himself in the fight world. Anyone in his situation would do the same thing. I'd like to see him get in shape and train for an Anderson Silva fight. We all would. But all you mofos that say he don't wannt prove himself probably just got into MMA a year ago and don't know shiznit... Peace out bitches...

jaseprobst site profile image  

9/18/09 12:18 PM by jaseprobst

I just watched Cung's pro debut last night (in HD, which made it really cool).Watching him fight is fight up there with seeing Machida pick folks apart. Or seeing a prime knuckleballer confuse a major league lineup.He did this freakish combo that i can't do justice without video, but here it was, to finish the fight:from southpaw stance...right jab feint...left cross feint...spinning back kick which THUDDED into midsection, sending guy into cage...and then a perfectly timed right hook to blast the guy out.It was beautiful.i really wish he would fight more, but his situation needed to be resolved for now.i'd LOVE to see Mayhem or Shields face him later on. Or anyone.

KahL site profile image  

9/18/09 11:58 AM by KahL

 Dammit...sad to hear, but completely understandable. Hope that he does come back to MMA. However, considering that he's been fighting for the longest time now, I can't exactly blame him either.

supersaiyan site profile image  

9/18/09 11:56 AM by supersaiyan

did he pull a "RAMPAGE" ??!! LOL

Mr.Unbreakable site profile image  

9/18/09 11:22 AM by Mr.Unbreakable

 Congrats to all of them! Brian Warren

acid jazz site profile image  

9/18/09 11:14 AM by acid jazz

He definitely doesn't want to test himself.

NoPlacebo site profile image  

9/18/09 11:14 AM by NoPlacebo

Shields vs Mayhem is a great fight. Glad Cung decided to vacate and step away instead of keeping everyone waiting indefinitely. I think he should have done it a little earlier but if he had we might not be seeing this awesome fight. Go Shields.

Ryan Wood site profile image  

9/18/09 11:13 AM by Ryan Wood

At least he did the right thing by giving up the title and not leaving the whole division in limbo.

BigWilliam site profile image  

9/18/09 11:12 AM by BigWilliam

Well that's one way to duck Diaz, Shields and Mayhem I suppose.