Dana reacts to Fedor CBS announcement, eats dish cold

source: werlv.com



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Fraser site profile image  

9/18/09 6:54 PM by Fraser

Sorry, this makes no sense. If organizations are exclusive, the top fighters from each are never going to be able to test themselves against one another. The only way for the "best fighter" to "fight and go up against top competitors" is with some kind of co-promotion.  

Dawkins site profile image  

9/18/09 6:44 PM by Dawkins

Dexter is a awesome show and one of the best on tv. Weeds is really good. Inside the NFL is on showtime now. Are you really a boxing fan? Because some of the best fights I have ever seen has been on Showtime. I also enjoy Penn & Teller: Bullshit.Can't forget about Strikeforce on Showtime also. Just because Dana says something sucks, you fan boys don't have to agree with everything he says. Like I said before he's a promoter and that's what he's suppose to do. I don't understand all these a lot of MMA fans that only want the UFC to be the only MMA promotion in to in business.

bakalol site profile image  

9/18/09 6:25 PM by bakalol

 Why put diaz vs jake there if u know it wont happen? And griffin on a free spiketv card? that fight alone will out view anything strikeforce has to offer. Forgot to mention that the last UFN had awesome fights all around and Dana won't hesitate to put out Silva and Randy on free cards when need be.

RickStorm site profile image  

9/18/09 6:25 PM by RickStorm

haha well said  

NHBDaddy site profile image  

9/18/09 6:18 PM by NHBDaddy

the average casual fan just wants to see entertaining fights and doesn't even know dick about rankings imo.You can put on exciting fights with guys who aren't top 5

Beefcake the Mighty site profile image  

9/18/09 5:38 PM by Beefcake the Mighty

Showtime or CBS could put on a card like this...Fedor vs BarnettMousasi vs FeijaoNick Diaz vs Jake shields ( I know they wouldn't fight)Alvarez vs HansenAoki vs Josh Thompsonetc...The UFC would still beat that with something like this on spike at the same time...Forrest vs ColemanKimbo vs anybodyJunie vs anybodyLeben vs McfedriesBranding is a powerful thing, as people have become brainwashed that ALL of the best fighters are in the UFC...Most of them are, but not all. More like 75-85% of top level fighters are.

bhealthy site profile image  

9/18/09 4:08 PM by bhealthy

TTT for dana's obssession with real mma and boxing

JT42382 site profile image  

9/18/09 2:46 PM by JT42382

You bring up some good points there

JimmersonzGlove site profile image  

9/18/09 2:29 PM by JimmersonzGlove

 Showing Meatballs every other day for one.

Altofsky site profile image  

9/18/09 2:25 PM by Altofsky

 Like what, exactly? I had showtime for years on my cable package and never liked it. Always felt like I was getting ripped off.