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Darren Aronofsky Stages A Heist in sunny Tonbridge

Darren Aronofsky's next project may be set in exotic Tonbridge, if the trades are to be believed this morning. According to Variety, the director of The Wrestler and The Fountain is planning to follow The Black Swan with an indie drama based on the Securitas depot robbery, which took place in 2006.

Armed robbers in latex masks made off with £53m, in a plan that involved kidnapping the wife and daughter of the depot manager. They were forced to leave behind a further £150m because it wouldn't fit in their van! Depot staff were left locked in cages after the hour long ordeal, and apparently one of the thieves flipped a "thankyou for your cooperation" on his way out. Which reminds us: what's happened to Aronofsky's Robocop?

Some of the gang were convicted at the start of last year, and the story was widely covered worldwide. And that's where production companies Time Inc and XYZ come in, as part of their year-old partnership to develop movies based on features from Time publications. Kerry Williamson's script will be adapted from a package of sources including Howard Sounes' book Heist, and an article in Sports Illustrated.

As well as directing, Aronofsky will also co-produce, through his own company Protozoa Pictures.

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Kneeblock site profile image  

9/22/09 8:36 AM by Kneeblock

Jimmy McNulty would be a good Lee Murray.

Rusty Butterknife site profile image  

9/22/09 8:29 AM by Rusty Butterknife

 Dan Hardy

GaymidaGaydan site profile image  

9/22/09 8:23 AM by GaymidaGaydan

Bard pitt has more of the right look. Maybe a leaned up christian bale.

NVHighRoller site profile image  

9/22/09 8:22 AM by NVHighRoller

good choice there, but I Brad Pitt in Snatch was awsome.

Bobby Lupo site profile image  

9/22/09 8:21 AM by Bobby Lupo

 Jason Statham

GaymidaGaydan site profile image  

9/22/09 8:19 AM by GaymidaGaydan

Awesome! Aronosky is this shit.

NVHighRoller site profile image  

9/22/09 8:16 AM by NVHighRoller

Who's gonna play Lee Murray? Brad Pitt? lol

NVHighRoller site profile image  

9/22/09 7:08 AM by NVHighRoller

Lee Lamrani Ibrahim "Lightning" Murray (Arabic: ?? ???????? ??????? ?????) (born November 12, 1977 in London, England) is a British-Moroccan mixed martial arts fighter. He is also a suspected bank robber linked to the £53 million Securitas raid.[1]On 25 June 2006, in a joint operation with Moroccan police, Murray was arrested at a shopping centre in the Souissi district of the capital Rabat for suspected involvement in the Securitas depot robbery. Moroccan police said they had to use "specialist techniques to arrest the suspects because they were specialists in martial arts and firearms"[5] Kent Police said in a statement that they had been tracking Murray for three months. They are presently seeking his extradition from Morocco. There is no treaty between the UK and Morroco, and the process was expected to take months. Later, Moroccan police revealed that Murray had also been charged with possession of “hard drugs”. An officer said this could complicate extradition proceedings because, in theory, Murray would have to serve time in Morocco first for any offences committed there. [6]On 27 June 2006 Kent Police confirmed the news of Murray's arrest in Morocco, and also stated that over 30 people had now been arrested in conjunction with the investigation. [7]In February 2007 it was reported that Murray could be returned to Britain in exchange for suspected terrorist Mohamed Karbouzi, who is wanted for questioning by the Moroccan authorities in connection with the 2003 Casablanca bombings.[8]In June 2009, an attempt to escape Sale prison in Morocco was made by Murray. Small saws were found in a plate of biscuits in Murray's cell by another prisoner who broke into it. Prison officials believe Murray was planning to cut through the iron bars of his cell window with the saws. To make the escape through the small window easier, Murray had lost a significant amount of weight recently through training hard and starving himself.Murray was in a different cell at the time as punishment for being caught with a laptop computer (with internet access) and five kilos of drugs. Other prisoners at Sale held it against Murray that he was able to use his money to smuggle in items like these, as well as expensive clothes. The fellow prisoner who broke into his cell was doing so to steal some of Murray's belongings.[9]Murray was deemed a Moroccan citizen and released from prison on June 23, 2009.[10]Lee Murray's freedom was short-lived. The ex-UFC fighter who is one of the most wanted men in the UK for allegedly masterminding a $92 million cash depot heist in Tonbridge, has been re-arrested in Morocco following the hearing that refused his extradition. Lee was indeed rearrested right away, because the British Authorities did put [in] a formal request to the Moroccan Authorities to have him tried in Morocco for the alleged robbery. [11]

NVHighRoller site profile image  

9/22/09 6:39 AM by NVHighRoller

thanks Rusty

Rusty Butterknife site profile image  

9/22/09 6:38 AM by Rusty Butterknife