Nick Thompson reflects on loss

by Nick Thompson | source: theUG

I have heard my opponents say about fighting me that in the fight, they just felt off. They couldn't explain what it was that was off but they just simply didn't feel like themselves. And though it was meant to discredit me, basically saying that I didn't do anything to them but rather they just had a bad day by happen chance, I always took it as the highest complement. You have enough opponents say the same thing and you realize that it is not a coincidence. They didn't feel like themselves in our fights because I was using my training and skill to throw off their timing. Luckily, though I have lost plenty, I have never had that happen to me.....until last night.


My training camp was the best training camp I have ever had. The weight cut, the easiest I have ever made. I felt the strongest I have ever felt both mentally and physically. I was excited to fight and was certain I was going to steamroll Dan. And then I went out there and just felt like I had no idea what I was doing. Dan beat me to the punch, pun intended, every time I tried to mount an offense. It is the worst feeling I have ever had in a fight. It was a feeling of helplessness.....and in front of the world.


I was talking with Rogan once about performing on stage and he said that there is no better feeling than making a room full of people laugh; I imagine it is a lot like winning a fight. And he said that bombing on stage is the worst feeling in the world – you feel like you are naked in front of everyone. I have never heard anyone more accurately describe how losing a fight feels. And normally, I know something I can change about my technique or my training so I focus on getting back into the gym and improving myself in that area. And that gives me solace. It gives me a goal to focus on so that I can become the best fighter I can be. This time, I am dumbstruck. I don't know what I could have done differently.


My goal was to become the Sengoku champion. I am essentially back at square one now. I am going to spend the week with my wife and little baby girl. After that, I don't know. I want to get in the ring as soon as possible so I can figure out whether I can still be one of the best fighters in the world or whether I have missed my chance. As such, I have asked Sengoku to bring me back right away ( November 7th) but obviously couldn't blame them if they don't. And if they do not, I will take time to reflect and decide whether this is a career that is worth all of the sacrifices that both I and my family make.


Nick “the goat” Thompson

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DreamerMMA site profile image  

9/25/09 11:11 PM by DreamerMMA

 Just an observation btw, it sounds similar to what happened to GSP when he fought Serra the first time. He was so confident that he was physically better than Serra, which he was, that he lost his mental edge to someone who trained to fight their toughest match ever.

DreamerMMA site profile image  

9/25/09 11:10 PM by DreamerMMA

 By reading your post it sounds like you may have been a bit overconfident that you were going to "Steam roll" him. On the other side, I bet he was looking at you as one of his toughest fights ever and prepared himself for war. I think it's extremely important to always look at every opponent as dangerous and hungry.

lifeaftrprison site profile image  

9/25/09 10:25 PM by lifeaftrprison

Sweet, expect my call Monday. I just cleared my schedule for 7 weeks!

Cassanova site profile image  

9/25/09 1:18 PM by Cassanova

Yusef. Dan, Miguel and I have been friends for several years because we have fought on several of the same cards. Dan and I have made it up to Miguels from time to time to train with him and beat him at Medal of Honor. Dan is still with McVickers, but we always enjoy support form the mexi-mullet.

Nanook site profile image  

9/25/09 1:17 PM by Nanook

VTFU.Nick is good people. Whatever you decide to do, you have the support of many, myself included.

FP101 site profile image  

9/24/09 1:48 PM by FP101

ttt for The Goat. Now you know how it feels to spar with you!All kidding aside, you're obviously a talented, analytical fighter who will find a learning experience win or lose. Keep your head held high, and have fun with the family.It would be a shame to see you leave when you haven't peaked yet.

Kirkor Papasian site profile image  

9/24/09 1:17 PM by Kirkor Papasian


LTL site profile image  

9/24/09 12:53 PM by LTL

Nick I was not to excited once this fight was announced as I am a big fan of both you and Dan and did not want to see either of you lose.I have followed your career for quite some time and know that you are a very analytical fighter. From the outside looking in, it appears that your game plan was off or at least you did not follow the one that you had. Perhaps it was because you did not have your normal corner with Greg Nelson, who knows. But brawling with a brawler was not a good idea and you paid for it. So hands up, chin down, and we all look forward to seeing you fight again soon (but not to soon until you are ready).Regards.

Grakman site profile image  

9/24/09 12:43 PM by Grakman

 Great post, man. You went out on a limb to share your innermost thoughts with us. Much respect here.