Buentello and Duffee exchanges words on the UG

source: theUG

From: P.Buentello
Posted: 3 hours ago
Edited: 09/28/09 8:26 PM
Member Since: 1/1/01
Posts: 704
Alright Duffie, you posted a pic with a burrito, now you got it. You see that? That says burrito grande. I see I burrito, I eat it. You tell them el grande is comming. You tell them all, buritto grande is comming. And an extra side of quac is comming with me!!!

From: Todd Duffee
Posted: 1 hour ago
Member Since: 5/8/06
Posts: 300
Its Duffee that should come in handy when scouting me.....I am really excited about this fight I think we will be making history together...ps what Gardner put up was way funnier...

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Rumbler site profile image  

10/3/09 9:45 PM by Rumbler

 This thread needs more spell checking. Paul by old schooling...

Aleck911 site profile image  

10/2/09 8:14 AM by Aleck911

Since you are spell-checking what about didgets? I'll give the moran the benefit of the doubt ;)

RelentlessMMA site profile image  

10/1/09 10:42 AM by RelentlessMMA


TheClips site profile image  

10/1/09 3:28 AM by TheClips

If you win you HAVE to say, "You ain't no Daisy. You ain't no Daisy at all!..."

inf0 site profile image  

10/1/09 1:23 AM by inf0

 I never knew Frank Shamrock and Brock Lesnar hung out in grade school...

midwestbred site profile image  

10/1/09 1:21 AM by midwestbred


RyannVonDoom site profile image  

9/30/09 12:20 PM by RyannVonDoom

 No. I just wanted to fight a few people I hate.

RyannVonDoom site profile image  

9/30/09 12:19 PM by RyannVonDoom

I have many people I fucking loathe. Monster's ball hasn't said shit either.  

DannyOcean site profile image  

9/30/09 12:11 PM by DannyOcean

Yeah but Paul also has more fights...Who has a better percentage of KOs? This fight should be awesome. also, the SN challenge would be amazing as well.also, i really hope 'wajor' was ironic. wager.

RelentlessMMA site profile image  

9/30/09 12:11 PM by RelentlessMMA

 The 7 pound burrito i attempted to eat in denver and then the burrito telling me that we will be privledged to a great fight!!