Rickson officially retires

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Rickson not sure if Belfort is ready for Anderson title fight

"Vitor always had the potential to win using his explosiveness. If you make a mistake versus him, he has heavy big hands. [Franklin] really was a good night for him. He landed a good punch and won with his style. Nothing out of the ordinary for him, nothing surprising at all".

The legendary jiu-jitsu master also said he won’t be having a farewell MMA fight at all, something that has been speculated on for the last few years.  “There will not be a farewell fight. I’m very retired,” he said, adding that no amount of money could change his mind.

“It’s not for money at all. That’s my decision and it was planned. I already had my competition time and now my perspective and competitive desires are focused in another field. It’s important to find the time to stop. It’s no to keep forcing it. What happened is over. Now it’s time to move on”.

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CompanyBlue site profile image  

10/2/09 3:11 AM by CompanyBlue

i got that old video....rickson and royler completely rape hayward on the mat, literally getting the tap in seconds every time it hits the floor. Rickson did go for a ride on some real nice ippons, not sure how many.

RobbieH site profile image  

10/2/09 1:57 AM by RobbieH

I think Hayward would know better than you.. I mean he did ACTUALLY SPAR with Rickson....  

Alabama Man site profile image  

10/2/09 1:07 AM by Alabama Man

It is sad that I will die without seeing Sak vs. Rickson. That would have been a fight.

ddinks site profile image  

10/2/09 1:04 AM by ddinks

ddinks - Rickson could have been a player on the national judo circuit? So he has the judo knowedge skill and experience of a mike swain or jimmy pedro, or even a Karo it seems now? ugh.I dunno..ask Hayward Nishioka, he's the one who said it after getting tapped a couple times by Rickson and taken down while sparring...(and throwing Rickson)..lolHere is the part of the transcript: Hayward: I think he has, he's uh the material for uh nationals for your nationals or even for here. get fucking real. He would be ipponed so many times it wouldnt be funny. comparing bjj standup to judo is like comparing judo groundwork to bjj. the match would then be over with no chance for him to keep it going for newaza, like in play matches in the gym. goofing around against judo guys at the club is different from actually competing against top level judo athletes in sanctioned events. Please get fucking real.

Smith1234 site profile image  

10/2/09 12:54 AM by Smith1234

Rickson is the best ever.

Victor Parlati site profile image  

10/2/09 12:43 AM by Victor Parlati

"Rickson 'being a pruducer' is not a legit excuse since Rickson himself repeatedly tells everyone that his life time mission is to teach Jiu-Jitsu. I think the reason why he's not having a champion is due to his personality. I think Rickson does not like tough guys being around with him who might do him harm when mutual respect is lost. He's afraid to lose his "undefeated" image and the only way to keep it is to be with the weak people who do nothing but worship him."....................***THIS analysis seems to fit with a very important Rickson fact (as opposed to theory): he made sure that his mma career never included having to fight a top notch competitor, ie.- Sak, Bas, etc. It all fits together, I'm sorry to say.

Kneeblock site profile image  

10/1/09 10:18 PM by Kneeblock

Marcelo Behring, Sylvio Behring, Pedro Sauer, Jorge Pereira, Rodrigo Vaghi, Fabio Santos, Luiz Palhares, Limao, Megaton, Beau Hershberger, Shane Rice and Kron have all competed with the best of them and done pretty well for themselves.  Notice that most of these names are of old guys who don't compete anymore because they come from the period when teaching was Rickson's primary focus, which was the 80s and early 90s.

LittleC site profile image  

10/1/09 5:09 PM by LittleC

As far as Rickson not turning out top students, its really not his place. It would be a waste of time for Rickson to try and build up a bunch of white belts frm scratch. When your on his level it makes more sense to grab the purple brown and black belt students and fill the holes in there game. Him showing a white belt the triangle for the first time is like killing a ant with a sledge hammer.

BullyKiller site profile image  

10/1/09 1:32 PM by BullyKiller

I wish him luck.

iMercury site profile image  

10/1/09 12:47 PM by iMercury

god dammit, this is the same as the other thread. don't you mother fuckers have something better to do? is it really THAT interesting to constantly put down someone, especially someone who is probably more talented and successful than you like Rickson, and who will never read what you are saying anyway?