Nelson: Herb Dean was afraid to stop the Kimbo fight and lose his job

by Sergio Non | source:

Q: At one point when you were mounted on him in the first round, I think Kimbo had you off-balance briefly and he came close to an escape, but you shut the door on him. What do you think Kimbo could have done to scoot out of there at that point?

A: For him to keep going out, he would have to go out the back door (i.e., sliding under the mounted opponent) and go kind of in the north-south position. But once I had my lock he wasn't going to, because I used my hip to put him back down on the mat.

I could have stayed in mount and finished him there with elbows and punches, but my game plan was to get to the crucifix, and once I got to the crucifix, finish the fight there.

First round was 44 punches to the face, and then (referee) Herb Dean doesn't know how to ref, but we've seen that before. And then the next round was 22 punches.

Q: That touches on my next question. You pretty much spent the last 30 seconds of the first round hitting him with your left hand, with him helpless underneath you; it was a little reminiscent of the James Thompson fight. How surprised were you that the fight wasn't stopped in the first round before the bell?

A: I was surprised. You could even see me yelling at Herb Dean, "Come on, ref."

But the thing is, there's a lot of people; there's a lot of money. Kimbo's the only one that I know that had an entourage there; he actually had his family there, his management, while the rest of us kind of had to suffer. The UFC made, we'll say, different concessions for Kimbo. I think he had a media room.

Kimbo's definitely, I guess we'll say, special. I don't see the specialness fighting-wise, but more for TV-wise. He puts butts in the seats.

So I think it was more that Herb Dean was afraid to lose his job, because there's a lot of people with a lot of money that can have a lot of influence with his career.

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ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

10/4/09 10:41 AM by ranier wolfcastle

 roy had it won with or without the stoppage!!!!!

thegrundle site profile image  

10/4/09 5:21 AM by thegrundle

kinda sounds to me like you are the one that doesn't know how to put some1 in a crucifix, or train, or fight and blah blah fuckin blah

StretchPlum site profile image  

10/3/09 10:17 PM by StretchPlum

Nelson wasn't trying because he didn't have to. It was a cake walk. "kimbo is special because he is not afraid to traid punched with anyone."No evidence of that. The only times he fought anyone with the slightest bit of ability he was completely helpless like a baby.

freakinguy site profile image  

10/3/09 1:36 PM by freakinguy

It was stopped EARLY imo.He wasn't defending himself because he didnt have to.Stoppage by Noogie(sp?) hahaha

jason hornbuckle site profile image  

10/2/09 9:48 PM by jason hornbuckle

fighters who shit on the refs are even dumber than people in restaurants who piss off the wait staff

CretardsCrutch site profile image  

10/2/09 9:43 PM by CretardsCrutch

doh wrong thread

the_sandman site profile image  

10/2/09 8:47 PM by the_sandman

Being fat like that is a choice dawg. All I'm saying. He could be a light heavy no problem.I will say he has found absolutely spectacular way leveraging his beer belly to it's maximum in his jiu-jitsu game. Too bad the striking area that's left is the hardest part of the body and he spent air time explaining how to coerce a ref into calling a fight while throwing potentially insignificant strikes.It's sad when your offense is only dangerous enough to stop the fight when you have to consider 5 straight minutes of it. 30 seconds is like a shiatsu massage.

TheVileOne site profile image  

10/2/09 8:21 PM by TheVileOne

I've been regularly interviewing them over the past several weeks including Roy Nelson.Today I interviewed Jon Madsen and I specifically asked about this. Jon said that Kimbo had a "homeboy" there to watch him fight (during the fight with Nelson), but Kimbo didn't have an entourage or family in the house during the show.

kelby site profile image  

10/2/09 7:52 PM by kelby

kimbo is special because he is not afraid to traid punched with anyone. much like wanderlei silva. he fought anyone on the strreets. fatty will only fight in the ring. where there are rules and refrees.shit kimbo could of still been laying there and smilling. with nelson on top the way nelson was hitting him.

biggator site profile image  

10/2/09 5:26 PM by biggator

If i agree with you anymore i will be accused of being a troll account of yours. nail head you hit it