Herb Dean gives his side of Roy Nelson / Kimbo Slice fight

by Steven Marrocco | source: mmaweekly.com

MMAWeekly.com on Thursday spoke exclusively to referee Herb Dean, who oversaw the elimination fight between Roy Nelson and Kimbo Slice on the third episode of "The Ultimate Fighter: The Heavyweights."

Nelson used his grappling prowess to overcome Slice, earning a TKO stoppage in just over two minutes of the second round.

Subsequent to the fight's air, Nelson openly criticized Dean's judgment regarding the end of the first round, where Nelson's positional dominance threatened to end the fight.

Dean addressed Nelson's claims and the reasoning behind his call of the fight

MMAWeekly: Firstly, Roy claimed that you didn’t stop the fight in the first round because of Kimbo’s status on the show. How do you respond to that?

Dean: Well, it’s not that complicated. I’m there to protect the fighter’s safety. Kimbo got up after that round pretty quick and spry, right? If I stop a fight it’s because I believe a fighter’s not fighting back, because he can’t. And there’s reasons why a fighter can’t fight back. One is a positional reason like Roy had on Kimbo. It was positional. Could (Kimbo) handle blows and continue to fight? He did. He made it to the end of the (first) round and continued to fight. If the blows were any less, I would have actually stood them up. The blows were strong enough to warrant being on the ground, but they weren't strong enough for me to stop the fight.

MMAWeekly: Were you looking at the clock at all and weighing the force of the blows with the time left in the round?

Dean: Most definitely. I believe that if (Roy) has position on him in the beginning of the round, that means that he’s going to stay there for the whole round, obviously Kimbo couldn’t solve that position. But with those blows, was he not fighting back because he was hurt? No, he was fine. So I didn’t have any reason to stand or stop the fight. If the fighter is not hurt, why should I stop the fight?

So you felt the blows that Kimbo was taking in the second round were, whereas the ones in the first round weren’t?

Dean: Well, I believe that the blows were solid blows. In the first round, they were solid blows, just like in the second round, but in the second round, it was the beginning of the round that he was down there. I can’t allow him – he was not going to improve his position, he was not going to solve it – I couldn’t allow him five minutes of that in the second round. Could I allow him to take it for 30 seconds in the first? Sure.

MMAWeekly: Were your decisions in the ring influenced at all by Kimbo and his standing with the UFC?

Dean: No, I make calls based on my conscience, based on what I think is fair, what I think is the right thing to do. I’m the one that has to sleep at night. I sleep fine. I believe that I try to make the fairest, safest calls. This job is more serious than me continuing to do my job. People’s careers and their safety are on the line. I’m not going to make a political decision when the stakes are that large.

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bakalol site profile image  

10/5/09 1:40 AM by bakalol

 Dawg..... you just don't get it homie.

ksooner76 site profile image  

10/5/09 1:37 AM by ksooner76

Herb is one of the best refs in mma......

Dogman site profile image  

10/4/09 3:15 PM by Dogman

^^^nicknames that is.

Dogman site profile image  

10/4/09 3:14 PM by Dogman

ppl do get silly with it at times.

JkdSam site profile image  

10/4/09 3:04 PM by JkdSam

I never said I don't understand what they mean when they say p4p. I said it's fucking stupid to say it.

Dogman site profile image  

10/4/09 1:08 PM by Dogman

Ok JksdSam let me explain it to you by comparison. Mark "The Antidote" Coleman. Mark is not really an Antidote. Antidote def:”An antidote is a substance which can counteract a form of poisoning.[1] The term ultimately derives from the Greek ??????????? antididonai, "given against". Mark isn't really an antidote, but ppl think he will take care of LM. So in a similar fashion ppl refer to Herb Dean as the best p4p in the same way. Is their weight classes in reffing ? NO but its ppls way of saying he is the best using a fighting term “p4p”. How in the hell can you not get it?

JkdSam site profile image  

10/4/09 8:18 AM by JkdSam

If not understanding what weight has to do with the quality of a ref means I rode the short bus, then I guess I did. But, considering you're the only one who found fault with what I said, i'm gonna assume that i'm correct and you're a total fag idiot.

mrgoodarmbar site profile image  

10/3/09 8:18 PM by mrgoodarmbar

I would have argued against any standup, but canuck makes a pretty good point....as long as long as Herb gives plenty of warning about the impending standup.

canuck34 site profile image  

10/3/09 8:01 PM by canuck34

"Explain how a stand up would have been warranted."If you are on the ground, even in a good position, and you are not effectively working to end the fight it generally gets stood up. I agree, the xifix is a really good spot, but guys have been stood up from side control before, half guard etc...because they were just lying there doing little. Roy basically had kimbo pinned but was doing little damage and seemed to not be interested in finishing the fight.I'm glad Herb didn't stand them up, but I get what he is saying. Basically it would be like Roy getting mount on Kimbo and instead of hurting him doing the spit...suck it back up trick.Roy should have worked from the crucifix to try to get a sub or really tried to smash Kimbo's face.

SpiderManBJJ site profile image  

10/3/09 7:33 PM by SpiderManBJJ

Herb Dean is the best ref ever.He reffed for years in KOTC then UFC and cant think of one bad stoppage.