Is CBS going to promote Fedor v Rogers?

by Michael David Smith | source:

MMAConvert: See any Fedor commercials during CBS NFL games this past weekend?

No. There are still four more Sundays between now and Fedor's November 7 fight with Brett Rogers on CBS, so maybe we'll see plenty of commercials promoting Fedor during CBS NFL games, but as of right now, I think CBS is missing some opportunities to hype the fight.

Hard-core fans universally consider Fedor the best heavyweight in MMA, and many consider him the best fighter ever to fight in any weight class. But hard-core MMA fans are still a relatively small audience, and for this fight to get a good rating, CBS will need to appeal to casual MMA fans and people who have never watched MMA at all.

I think CBS needs to air plenty of commercials explaining to fans who Fedor is, and what makes him such a compelling figure. There's no better audience for those commercials thanNFL fans, but so far, those fans haven't heard a word about Fedor. I'd like to see that change soon.

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SgtJustinTeplitz site profile image  

10/8/09 10:27 AM by SgtJustinTeplitz

Very true

orcus site profile image  

10/8/09 10:19 AM by orcus

 I understand what you're saying Patrick, I guess I'm just not imaginative enough to see what they can do to pump up the brand for a couple months without having any footage of the main attraction, and to distinguish themselves from UFC before anyone has seen what they have to offer. I see them building on the momentum of this first show rather than creating something from nothing in advance.

madmav site profile image  

10/8/09 5:00 AM by madmav

 i totally agree.. freitas got it right which is too bad cuz strikeforce had put on good decent cards for many years - i hate to see them pushed to the side over this tv business..

TheVileOne site profile image  

10/8/09 4:43 AM by TheVileOne

Then I wonder how much Ken Hershman is spending on Fedor right now.Freitas nailed it pretty well.

madmav site profile image  

10/8/09 4:23 AM by madmav

 “I don’t see how I can promote and spend hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars promoting somebody who’s not going to show up. It’s just bad business.” from Ken Hershman, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Showtime Networks like i said showtime/cbs is making and calling the shots

jaseprobst site profile image  

10/8/09 4:18 AM by jaseprobst

Patrick Freitas understanding branding. Thank you, sir.Dude.Talking this stuff to people who don't work with it on a daily basis is like explaining astrophysics to a wino.

PatrickFreitas site profile image  

10/8/09 3:15 AM by PatrickFreitas

FRAT warning...orcus, I know what you're saying, but I think its an apples to oranges comparison you're making because of the issue of branding.NCIS is a branded CBS vehicle. Of course there's no need to announce a weekly episode a month out. UFC is a branded MMA & SpikeTV vehicle. They can't be compared to Strikeforce w/CBS in announcing their Spike line up because fans are familiar with UFC fighters and the UFC product.Strikeforce has no brand identity at all, except with us...the tiny minority of hardcore fans. They need CBS to give them much more than 2-3 weeks of promos if they want to be a lasting success on network TV. Not only does CBS have to entice viewers into watching a Russian they've never heard of versus a mohawked black dude they've never heard of, but they also have to entice them into watching an MMA promotion they've never heard of. Reading UGers posts, it seems many think that a major MMA organization can be successful just by promoting the organization's 'events.' And so most are conditioned into believing a 2-3 week promo schedule is all thats needed. But these fans don't understand the importance of branding. Arguably, branding is MORE important than promoting events. Its not enough just to say 'hey sports fan, remember to watch fighter X vs fighter Y in organization Z on whatever date' when the fans don't know who is X,Y, or Z. There needs to be brand identities built prior for this message to be conveyed succesfully. Strikeforce needs to be branded. Fedor needs to be branded. Rogers needs to be branded. All of this should've been done long before that 2-3 week window before the actual event. Event promos are done just prior to events to really give loyal fans an update of what's happening, but branding needs to be exercised 24/7/365. The UFC has branding, and that's why they're succesful. And their fighters are branded too. They do this through the volume of programming on SpikeTV and the hundreds of promos that run daily across all cable stations. They don't need to sell fans the full story about the identity of the UFC or who are the UFCs star when they're promoting an event...because that work is done long in advance via the branding vehicles. Strikeforce doesn't 'own' a network like UFC does with SpikeTV. So it needs CBS to step up and reach out to its huge viewership not only with advance event promos but, more importantly, with both organizational and fighter branding messages. Promos inside a couple football games 2-3 weeks out is just not enough time to make the huge splash they couldve.

Capt Howdy site profile image  

10/8/09 2:05 AM by Capt Howdy

I would love to see them promote it so MMA can really break into the mainstream, but Fedor is not #1 if he was he would have taken the UFC's offer to fight the best....

TheVileOne site profile image  

10/7/09 6:57 PM by TheVileOne

Before a new season or a new show starts, yes. NCIS: LA. Burn Notice. Blue Collar. In Plain Sight. The Ultimate Fighter season 10.

orcus site profile image  

10/7/09 6:53 PM by orcus

 Really? "Next month on Heroes!" "Stay tuned four weeks from now for the Survivor reunion!"