Joe Silva wants a smaller Octagon


Would the WEC fighters lose something if you moved them from the smaller WEC cage to the bigger UFC OCtagon?

Dana White: Actually, we’ve been talking about making the Octagon smaller. We’re considering making it smaller. [UFC matchmaker] Joe Silva wants it. I think he wants to turn the thing into a [expletive] bathtub. Have them fight in a little tollbooth. 

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Recent Comments »

gw99 site profile image  

10/11/09 11:29 AM by gw99

fuck that! Smaller cage would suck shit.

knuckleballs site profile image  

10/11/09 10:08 AM by knuckleballs

What, is someone gonna beat him up? Call me when it happens.

keylockarmbar site profile image  

10/11/09 6:30 AM by keylockarmbar

cant fix what isnt broken

fruhzs site profile image  

10/10/09 10:24 PM by fruhzs

Although I respect Joe Silva's opinion on this, I respectfuly disagree. I think the problem with boring fights revolve much more about the fighters themselves, or styles not matching well, than the size of the cage. There are plenty of smallers shows with small cages and we see plenty of boring fights in those shows, as well as we see plenty of exciting fights in the ufc, etc. Also, if you make it too small it may make it easier for clinch work, grabbing and stalling as well. It can go both ways. IMO it's like changing a great race car for a less potent one if the times aren't as fast, instead of changing the driver. If the change is small though, then it could be a good thing, but I think it wouldn't necessarily lead to more exciting fights. Eduardo Alonso.

nofatchicks site profile image  

10/10/09 5:36 PM by nofatchicks

If it's not on a Battleship it doesnt matter what they fight in, I aint watchin.

bam57bam site profile image  

10/10/09 5:28 PM by bam57bam

Now we are getting somewhere!I was at UFC 88. We spent almost 700$ on floor seats and it was terrible. If it wasnt a post in the way it was a camera guy or the cage door or the platform the cage sits on. If the fight goes to the groung everybody in the arena is watching the big screens. There are a few things the UFC could do to fix these problems and you touched on them in your post.Now Im getting ready to go to 107 but you can be damn sure IM not buying floor seats again. Prob gonna get 1st tier seats and see how that works out.

12clip site profile image  

10/10/09 4:57 PM by 12clip

I like the idea of a slightly smaller cage but I think bam touched on the more important issue. If you have ever been to a live event you probably know that the visability could be a lot better from just about anywhere in the arena. I'm not paying the big bucks to go to an event and then have to watch the big screens, I could do that at home more comfortably. The most obvious thing to me is why do they have the cameramen stand on a stool at the middle of a cage panel, blocking the view, when if the cameraman stood behind a corner post it would make things a little better. The mechanized cameras they use in Dream that are mounted to the ring post and remotely operated seem to be the ticket.

Thumblock site profile image  

10/10/09 2:26 PM by Thumblock

Well put. Here's hoping for the smaller cage at every show.

TalkShowOnMute site profile image  

10/10/09 1:15 PM by TalkShowOnMute

Straight from the mouth of someone who has fought in it...I would imagine making it smaller would stop the Starnes of the world. And it is not like they are gonna shrink it down tiny, maybe just trim a foot off the edge or so. Still won't stop running, but it will give the pursuer a better chance at cutting off the angles.

BullyKiller site profile image  

10/10/09 12:39 PM by BullyKiller

That would suck! Keep it as is.