Anderson still recovering, uncommitted on Belfort

by Steven Marrocco | source:

Anderson Silva and manager Ed Soares say they are not ready to sign off on a fight with Vitor Belfort at UFC 108.

    Nearly three weeks after UFC president Dana White told the Los Angeles Times his middleweight champion and revitalized former light heavyweight champion had agreed to face off in Las Vegas on Jan. 2, there are complications on Silva’s side.

    First, Silva must be able to heal properly – and promptly – from an arthroscopic surgery he underwent last Monday to repair chronic damage to his elbow, Soares told Monday evening at a fashion show for sponsor Silver Star (Silva doubled as a runway model).

    That won’t be known until the 34-year-old Silva sees his Los Angeles doctor on Friday.

    “They found some things that they weren’t aware of (during the surgery), which is a good thing,” said Soares. “If we’re going to be fighting for the title, we want to make sure Anderson’s 100-percent.”

    Second, Silva and Soares believe Belfort doesn’t deserve a title shot. Soares expressed their misgivings in a conversation with White prior to Silva’s appearance Monday evening, though he failed to sway White.

    “We’ll just agree to disagree,” said Soares.

    Silva, who wore a small bandage on his right elbow backstage at the event, said he didn’t have anything to say about his proposed opponent.

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Recent Comments »

Yun site profile image  

10/14/09 10:36 PM by Yun

yes~!! Dan Quinn~! because he drinks the silky shit... vitor ktfo anderson during sparring???

epwar site profile image  

10/13/09 10:05 PM by epwar

Also odd for them to say Vitor doesn't deserve a title shot when Anderson got his off beating Chris F'n Leben.

epwar site profile image  

10/13/09 10:03 PM by epwar

$50 says this ("things they weren't aware of") as the excuse not to do this match.

Justinmacd site profile image  

10/13/09 9:56 PM by Justinmacd

I'd rather see Anderson fight Mir.Build Vitor up before allowing him to get KTFO.

Ryan MacLeod site profile image  

10/13/09 9:53 PM by Ryan MacLeod

lol what a douche

Gullivers Travels site profile image  

10/13/09 9:52 PM by Gullivers Travels

I would actually rather Vitor got one more fight before Silva. Give Anderson another 205er or have him fight Mir

Jetster site profile image  

10/13/09 9:45 PM by Jetster

I understand the logic of soars but who cares about what weight Belfort just fought at or whatever, as far as size goes it's a fair fight and U gotta admit after the Franklin destrution he does make himself a worthy and intresting if Anderson wants greatnes then why not fight he worried about the complications Beflort brings? Speed and heavy striking.....

wufwugy site profile image  

10/13/09 9:41 PM by wufwugy

vitor is one of the couple fighters in ufc who actually could ktfo anderson. let's hope he's not scared like retards say fedor is

robbie380 site profile image  

10/13/09 9:38 PM by robbie380

 i'm not a fighter but i am a 29 year old guy who just had elbow surgery (2nd elbow surgery and 5th joint surgery wooofuckinghoo!) for bones spurs about 6 weeks ago.  let me tell you...there is almost a 0% chance anderson will be ready to fight by jan 2, 2010.  i have no clue exactly what surgery anderson had done but if they found more in his elbow than they were expecting to find then i can't see anyway the guy will make it back in time.  the only thing that makes me somewhat confident that he could make it back is the fact that the article said it was arthroscopic surgery.  who knows if that is being correctly reported but if it is then he could have a chance to make that fight.  i've got about a 4 inch long gash in my arm but things have healed nicely. for you guys that think you can just "fix" bone spurs....well you can't.  think of them like a callous.  they form when there is missing cartilage due to it being worn away over the years.  they will always come back unless you actually replace the cartilage to prevent the bone to bone contact.  elbow surgery for degenerative damage is not common and is usually semi-major if it has to be done.  doctors simply try to avoid operating on that joint because of all the complications that can occur.  i'd really be curious to see what exactly he had done.  if he had extensive cartilage damage then i can't see him having too much longer left in the fight game...maybe 3 years?  who knows...complete speculation. and for anyone who is curious i had an ulnar nerve transport and outerbridge kashiwagi surgery done on my elbow.  my recovery has been faster than i expected but i am still having minor nerve issues and a fair amount of swelling.  i can do more exercises than i expected but i don't expect to be fully recovered for another few months. 

LilBrockonmychest site profile image  

10/13/09 9:34 PM by LilBrockonmychest

 As I've previously stated, Vitor has exactly ZERO wins in the middleweight UFC division.  At least Anderson had won at 185 in the UFC against a guy that was on a 5 fight winning streak.  When is the last time someone got a title shot without fighting in the division (not including bringing back the LW's)? I do, however, think it's the most exciting fight for Anderson at MW now (which is of course all that matters in the UFC)