Kimbo boxing coach: He needs a lot of work

by Joe Harrington | source:

Kimbo fitted for training wheels at ATT

Even his handlers admit Kimbo Slice is raw, but he obviously has something going for him.

Read enough of Kimbo Slice's press and you begin to get the idea that this is a man who may have no idea what he's doing. spoke to Slice's current boxing coach, American Top Team's howard davis jr., and Davis was candid about his protégé's abilities.

Or lack thereof. "He needs a lot of work," Davis said. "He puts a lot of turning and effort and committing to punching hard that sometimes, if he misses, he knocks himself off balance where people can take him down."

This Davis fellow? He's a no B.S. type. Which is nice. And for a guy who once noted on camera that he doesn't know "what the f---" Greco-Roman wrestling is, Slice is still 3-1, including a decent showing against Roy Nelson and a sufficiently tenacious bit of resistance against James Thompson. This might come off like a Kimbo apologist's note -- "please excuse Kimbo's lack of skill, he's still new at this" -- but I've seen fighters with a better foundation do far worse. ATT is about the best idea his management ever had. That, and the whole YouTube thing.

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The Sultan site profile image  

10/21/09 11:20 PM by The Sultan

 good that he's working on his stuff.  that's cool.

David Weiß site profile image  

10/21/09 10:08 PM by David Weiß

 Check out 'The Natural', with Robert Redford.

clarenceworley site profile image  

10/21/09 9:05 PM by clarenceworley

Gannon, Seth and Big Country were Muckrakers, I guess.

Leghound site profile image  

10/21/09 9:05 PM by Leghound

Truth of the matter is that professional MMA still isn't filled with world class athletes, whereas the others are/prepares to get flamed

Yougottawanna site profile image  

10/21/09 8:28 PM by Yougottawanna

Once Kimbo merges with Carnegie Steel he'll be unstoppable.

Wally Saves site profile image  

10/21/09 8:28 PM by Wally Saves

Kimbo needs work?

jjchgo site profile image  

10/21/09 8:26 PM by jjchgo

lmao for real!

Defenestrator site profile image  

10/21/09 8:13 PM by Defenestrator

... well duh

RyannVonDoom site profile image  

10/21/09 8:09 PM by RyannVonDoom

Randy also wasn't involved in any works.  

Ronin 7 site profile image  

10/21/09 7:52 PM by Ronin 7

Is he a international Before becoming a celebrity did he even travel internationally? He more than likely had a sheltered life in the FLA and wasn't exposed to a lot of things, except for life on the street. He will make improvements with ATT, and will surprise some folks in the future...if he continues to train.