Michael Bisping trains for Denis Kang UFC 105

source: bisping.tv

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Hessian site profile image  

11/14/09 9:02 PM by Hessian

ramit upper 3t for youill be home in 2-4 days and will get them dogs their coinpm me your email and ill send the receipt of payment

ASBELTOMATO site profile image  

11/1/09 12:00 PM by ASBELTOMATO

it will be interesting to see how bisping does without the HUGE psychological distraction that is coaching on TUF.

taylork3 site profile image  

11/1/09 11:48 AM by taylork3

I think Kang's going to break mentallyI really like both these guys and it's a shame one has to loseWhile Kang may have a technical advantage in most areas, I think he'll make one too many mistakes/will have a lapse in focus which will cost him and when he's on the downhill he won't come back mentallyBisping by split dec.

Ryase site profile image  

11/1/09 10:57 AM by Ryase

I thought I was on the UG and it appears I've stumbled in to Romper Room.

Mike Russell site profile image  

11/1/09 10:39 AM by Mike Russell

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Snakey site profile image  

11/1/09 10:30 AM by Snakey

Bispings looking good. Hope he stops saying YEAH every time he throws a punch, sort of telegraphs it because he dosnt do it on faints

ramit upper site profile image  

11/1/09 10:29 AM by ramit upper

ok, i`ll get a blue name as i said i wouldim sure someone else will accept a s/n bet?may the best man wingood luck

Hessian site profile image  

11/1/09 10:21 AM by Hessian

I'm not interested in a S/N bet.Someone else might be interested in a SN bet with you. Although you might want to change your name to blue to show you are infact living up to your word.

ramit upper site profile image  

11/1/09 10:06 AM by ramit upper

thankswould you be interested in upping the ante a little?how about a 1 month s/n bet also?(just for fun)

Hessian site profile image  

11/1/09 9:59 AM by Hessian