Mayhem Miller practices his entrance


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fna site profile image  

11/10/09 9:05 PM by fna

 Shoulda been practicing some takedown defense or working from the bottom to stand up instead of a stupid entrance.

RKing85 site profile image  

11/10/09 5:23 PM by RKing85

where's the video of the actual entrance?

thePostman site profile image  

11/10/09 5:01 PM by thePostman

This is my bad I was reading another quote probably the one above yours and wasnt paying attention to which one i clicked. I meant to hit the one where the guy was bitching about the dancers not needing to be on network tv. I apologize. Yeah i know who Genki Sudo is and i do kind of agree with you. Both have entertaining entrances in my opinion but Genkis are better.

BuddyRevell site profile image  

11/8/09 5:54 PM by BuddyRevell

Although it was no match for Genki's productions, I still got a kick out of it.

TtoMyJ14 site profile image  

11/8/09 5:53 PM by TtoMyJ14

The closest mayehm ever was that night of getting knocked out was when one of girls almost hit him in his entrance.

BzGrappla site profile image  

11/8/09 5:50 PM by BzGrappla

i wouldnt expect you to know who sudo is

thePostman site profile image  

11/8/09 5:04 PM by thePostman

wow, somebody is entirely to uptight. dont watch the entrance if you dont like it.

zanelewis site profile image  

11/8/09 5:03 PM by zanelewis

was that techno viking music? Keith Jardine is in the Techno Viking

White Bekt Jones site profile image  

11/8/09 10:54 AM by White Bekt Jones

Mayham is branding himself.The haters just don't know!