Filho explains his absence at Dream 12

by duardo Ferreira | source:

On the last October 25, when he was chosen to face the Korean Dong Sik Yoon by Dream 12, fans were questioning themselves. How’s gonna be Paulão performance? The answer didn’t come, once that the black belt was gone and didn’t went to Japan. According to his mother, Adelina Fragoso, the problem was the visa. For two weeks our team is trying to talk to the fighter about what happened, but only today we could talk to Paulão, who gave his version.

“I saw rumors on the internet that I would fight only in November, so I slowed down and relaxed about the weight. Four or five days before the fight they called me telling me that I was going to fight, but I wasn’t on the weight anymore. But the worse is that I wouldn’t have time enough to take my visa to Japan“, explained the athlete, who said that the ideal was to be warned a month and a half before the fight.

“My managers must be in a mess. Joinha and Ed (Soares) work with a lot of athletes as Lyoto, Cigano, Minotauro, Anderson, so they are warning me a few time before. I even wanted to talk to them, because I need at let a month and a half to prepare myself. Things have to be right with me. The other time I had to lose almost 22 pounds, I wanted to come there with 181 pound and lose the rest there“, said the former WEC champion, who doesn’t know if he will fight again this year. “I still don’t know when I’ll fight again, but I’m with 205 pounds. I’m taking time to heal some injuries that I have on the backbone, on the foot and on the thoe, but I’m working the technical part, watching some fights, looking where the athletes are making mistakes a looking at the news“.

Still healing the depression, Paulão revealed that he isn’t going to therapy with the psychologist João Alberto Barreto, Hélio Gracie’s black belt, but guarantee that his mind is fine. “I confess that has been a while that I don’t go to the Master João Alberto Barreto’s office, but I’m doing healing things as fishing and talking to friends. Master Reyson (Gracie) is going to my house too and we’re talking a lot. I’m reading religion books, self helping, so my mind is fine now, but sometimes I get down and the depression comes. I went this far because I always wanted to be Paulão and I needed sometime for myself“, revealed.

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Truemanc3 site profile image  

11/9/09 1:31 PM by Truemanc3

Depression is a downer!

RainbowPants'd site profile image  

11/9/09 12:11 PM by RainbowPants'd

How’s gonna be Paulão performance?  If I had a dollar for everytime I thought this.....

OmegaPoon site profile image  

11/9/09 12:08 PM by OmegaPoon

 I just hope he gets healthy, thats > fighting.