Bruce Buffer: The UFC doesn't need Fedor, he needs them

by Bruce Buffer | source: theUG

From: Bruce Buffer
Posted: 2 hours ago
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Hello All:

Before you all go wild with posts by just reading the quote written in the thread name... listen and you will hear me say that "Fedor is a great fighter..." which I truly believe... what I was touching on at that moment is that the UFC and Dana would put millions behind him to make him one of the most famous men is sports within one year as they have the international brand exposure, dollars and marketing genius to do so aside from the fame they would create far beyond CBS efforts for his fame to the non-nucleus of hard core MMA fans here in the USA.

My answer with this quote was from a marketing standpoint mostly plus I would enjoy him being on the Octagon. But if it doesn't happen, it will not affect the rocket international growth and plans of the UFC. Therefore yes, "Fedor needs the UFC more than the UFC needs Fedor...".

Cheers to all!



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Kocksuckio site profile image  

11/13/09 7:36 AM by Kocksuckio

Are people still discussing Fedor on this thread? wtf Stop trolling!

Rexqwondo site profile image  

11/12/09 3:10 PM by Rexqwondo

Bottom line is this. Fedor does not need the ufc and the ufc does not need Fedor. But being as greedy and power hungry as the ufc is. They "DW" are pissed since Fedor will only make Strikeforce bigger. Bottom line is if Fedor keeps winning UFC losses more while Strikeforce gains.

CindyO site profile image  

11/12/09 9:01 AM by CindyO

Your logic has no place on this thread=) *hugs Crooklyn* Cindy 

IrishRottie site profile image  

11/12/09 8:23 AM by IrishRottie

Its not out of context at all. ppl need to listen before they post.

georgejonesjr site profile image  

11/12/09 7:57 AM by georgejonesjr

Well, depends upon the age in which he started losing. Ali started losing a lot at the end of his career, and is still considered one of the five greatest (if not the greatest) heavyweight ever ... time beats everyone. Some guys refuse to recognize it and continue fighting long after they're past their prime. In a couple of years Fedor will be the same age Ali was when he began losing.

EPGScott site profile image  

11/12/09 3:16 AM by EPGScott

No he wouldn't

CindyO site profile image  

11/12/09 12:35 AM by CindyO

 ^^^ Huh? Cindy

LTL site profile image  

11/11/09 10:43 PM by LTL

Speaking of bought and paid for………..

crazychris site profile image  

11/11/09 9:21 PM by crazychris

This shits so funny! Rabble rabble rabble nrok fraydor Charles liedal Anderson Cooper mma org. Bite my flu contaminated ass UG

Crooklyn site profile image  

11/11/09 8:32 PM by Crooklyn

The thread title won't exactly fit the entire statement, but I appreciate the criticism, and will refer to it in the future.  As far as Mr. Buffer goes, he is a dear friend of the show, and actually promoted the interview himself on his Twitter, after posting in this thread. FYI  It wasn't exactly out of context.  It was all I could fit in the title line.