Swick and Saunders in war of words

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From: Ben Saunders
Posted: 1 hour ago
Member Since: 5/5/04
Posts: 720
Crookly - I don't know what to say.... I used to be a Swick fan and respect him, but I feel I got to experience part of the underground rumors as for how AKA tends to be a bit arrogant. KOS was nice to me at the fights for UFC 106. So I got no problems with him, Fitch never did nothing, so no problems. I didn't even say what's up to Bob at UFC 106 fights cause the post ufc 99 remarks. Dave Camerillo actualy said what's up and was nice, even though he was in the mix of things after my fight with Swick. But I was respectful back. I mean I can't say it's real serious or anything now. I don't lose sleep or anything, I don't hate any of them. It's just not how I am, and I feel treat people the way you want to be treated. If you want to be disrespectful then I won't respect you is all. Now Swick is saying it's not true. But I know what I heard, maybe you guys didn't think I would hear it, or feel bad about it now. Maybe it was just over excited post fight comments, so small and insignificant to you that you don't remember. But I wouldn't make it up. I am not really even to mad anymore, but I do remember how pissed I was and agitated after that fight because of it. Before that incident even happened all I kept thinking were the positives of my situation and try to not get worked up over it. It really got to me after they did that and it lit a fire in me that lasted a few weeks. Including me picturing Swicks face before and during the Marcus Davis fight. I am dissapointed with my fight with Swick and would love a rematch. But I am not trying to Hype a rematch. And didn't expect to do a call out for one and get it. Just expressed my interest in it when asked if i would like one, and know it will happen sometime even if not as soon as I would like. There is a lot of good match ups for me in the WW division. I'm here to fight anyone.

From: Mike Swick
Posted: 31 minutes ago
Member Since: 1/1/01
Posts: 205
Dude don't put words in my mouth. I came in your locker after the fight and hung out with you for 30 minutes watching the rest of the fights. I wasn't even hanging out with my team. I had a lot of respect for you before this fight and after. I was just talking about you during my UFC party the other night saying how cool you are and how much potential you have. I didn't hear anyone of my team say anything about you getting knocked the &*%$ out and if I did they know it would piss me off people off because I don't disrespect people. I have been a martial artist since I was 8 and believe in respect and honor. You can talk to any former opponent I have ever had and none will tell you I was disrespectful before or after the fight.

If your just trying to hype a rematch then just ask for one. If the UFC wants to do it I will sign. You don't have to try and make me look disrespectful on the internet.

-Mike Swick

From: Ben Saunders
Posted: 21 minutes ago
Member Since: 5/5/04
Posts: 725
I didn't put any words in your mouth, one person said that comment and all of you laughed about it. It is something they might have said thinking i was further than I was and wouldn't hear it, or maybe you all were just talking out of excitement from the win. If that's the case then it's not really as messed up as trying to say it loud enough for me to hear to be a complete ass on purpose. But intentional or not it did happen.

As for us being cool after the fight and you coming back to shoot the shit, ya i said that in my interview. I said it seemed like you were being cool which is why i was so thrown off that 30-45 minutes later you guys would act that way.

I wasn't trying to Hype a fight, I never brought up a rematch or anything, I was asked if given the opportunity would i want it. I of course said I would Love one.

I also said on here that i was over it and that it's not that serious, but it did get to me for quite some time, after that fight.

As for the UFC having us fight, I'm right there with you, If they want it, they will do it. But I have no control over that. I'm not here to Hype my way into a fight, by talking crap about you. It's not the kind of person I am. I also said I had a lot of respect for you, and honestly was a Huge fan coming into that fight, and it was a honor. Hence me staying positive after the loss. I'm not here to go out of my way to bad mouth you and discredit your name. I was just asked a few questions and answered them honestly. Sorry if you disapprove, but I am who I am.


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11/29/09 12:03 AM by Marion Cobretti

unreal in the first pic... very skinny in the next two... still love it though..

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11/27/09 3:46 AM by bigmills008

Really pretty girl. She looks pretty young though. Borderline jail bait.

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11/27/09 1:29 AM by CaptainXanax

I knew it! Her elbows are just too pointy.

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11/27/09 1:27 AM by BOOMheadshot

damn you saunders, beating you made swick thing beating hardy should be easy.

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11/27/09 12:41 AM by GC111

Same girl

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11/27/09 12:30 AM by Boldar

Well, you just sold me on a rematch.  Fans of both and would love to see it again. Dana/Joe, there you go, make it happen.

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11/27/09 12:20 AM by michaelkaras

 haha its actually in this thread somewhere, the michael jackson popcorn GIF

Howling_Odin site profile image  

11/26/09 11:57 PM by Howling_Odin

straight up viral marketing for a rematch IMOAnyone have that gif with michael jackson eating popcorn?


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