GSP v Dan Hardy at UFC 111 in NJ?

by Mike Chiappetta | source:

The UFC is targeting a March 2010 date for welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre's title defense with No. 1 contender Dan Hardy, a source with knowledge of the situation told FanHouse.

Once formally agreed to by both sides, the matchup would likely be the main event of UFC 111, which is expected to take place at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J.

Hardy vaulted into the title picture with a string of four straight wins in the UFC, most recently defeating Mike Swick in a No. 1 contenders match at UFC 105 earlier this month.

The fight between the two had been rumored for Australia's UFC 110 event, but now it appears that New Jersey is the likely destination.

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Dale Henson site profile image  

11/25/09 11:38 PM by Dale Henson

JDolo - LiftStrong - Thats still like home court for GSP. He still trains at the WAT and Renzo's in NYC for periods before fights.  Dan Hardy has no idea what kind of beating he is in for.oh i think he does know the beating he is in for, but what can he do about it? turn the fight down? its kinda like accidentally knocking the biggest bully in the schools lunch off the table. you know at the end of school that day hes gonna mash you up, but what can you do? Cant hide in the classroom all day! :)

TheBear228 site profile image  

11/25/09 11:35 PM by TheBear228

Your reading comprehension skills are poor. How did I make bold statements in error about your nation? I JUST friggin said that I liked the UK and pretty much everything about it. What I said I "didn't" like are what is appearing to be a contingent of UK fight fans that come on here and act belligerent, don't listen to anyone, and are pretty much delusional. Based on your rambling mess of a retort, I'm starting to think you fit in this category. You don't put any effort into read my post, go off on some random tirade about how bad I am and how great British folk are, and then somehow mention to actually take pride in never admitting defeat? Only a fucking retard, in any country mind you, would never admit defeat when they realize they lost. Moreover, what is there to admit to defeat about regarding a message board? There are no wins or losses here. No one is trying to "defeat" anyone. What the hell is a matter with you exactly? And you complain about my baseless generalizations of brits, yet you're going to insult other brits with these assinine, incorrect, and fourth-grade level comments? You can keep "talking shit" all you want. The irony of it is, "shit" is pretty much what your comments and thoughts are weighed against on this board, from anyone with common sense. BTW, I'm REALLY over hearing "brits" come on here and talking about how Americans can't handle "brits" making comments just to get a "rise" out of us silly Yankees. This is your go to answer for any of the nonsense you guys spew out of your wretched mouths that you don't feel like having to answer for when you've proven wrong. One more time, for the illiterate mooks like yourself. I LIKE THE UK. I LIKE ITS PEOPLE. I LIKE ITS HISTORY AND CULTURE.  You sir, I do not like. You are fail. Your comments are fail. Your attempts at humor are fail. You're generalizations of your own fucking people are fail. Your reading comprehension is fail. Your being proud of being a stubborn jackass is fail. WAYYYY too much fucking fail for my liking.  

ramit upper site profile image  

11/25/09 10:33 PM by ramit upper

 i think you are making a "schoolboy" error in taking the "viewpoint" of 1 or 2 british posters (who are obviously trying to get a rise out of people like you) & taking it too seriously? even if these "deluded brits" were being serious?    ...its still pretty ignorant to make bold statements about a nation based on the viewpoints of 1 or 2 people the thing you dont understand about us brits is that no matter how much anyone puts us down or writes us off!!,  we will never admit defeat!! we will argue to the end!  win or lose!!! if you dont like it then you should either get used to it or get a sense of humour? the brits are here to stay!! the more you put us down,the more we will talk shit!!!!

TheBear228 site profile image  

11/25/09 10:14 PM by TheBear228

Honestly, it's not being bitter; it's frustration. I personally LOL'ed when my man Hendo DESTROYED Bisping, particularly because of all the slobbing done by the Brit fans over him. I like the UK. I like its people. I like its culture and history. What I don't particularly like are the delusional, biased, UK fight fans that frequent the board. I've tried numerous times to have some earnest discussions with UK fans on here, and none of them can engage in conversation without automatically: 1.favoring the UK fighter 2.Somehow interjecting a UK fighter into a list he doesn't belong or qualify in 3.Somehow downgrade American/Brazilian/Japanese fighter's toolbox to somehow make them look inferior to any British fighter that may be in the discussion. Please, just cut the fucking bullshit already. You don't see me riding the fucking nuts of Frankie Edgar and Kurt Pellegrino just because they are from NJ. I don't sit here and pretend that Ricardo Almedia is a "force at welterweight", when I know he hasn't even fought a single match there. The hometown, home-country homerism is sickening as a pound of sugar. You wanted my honest answer, you got it.   

JoelN site profile image  

11/25/09 10:04 PM by JoelN

I tend to agree...I have been there competing, coaching, and watching lots of events in Newark....including the quickly forgotten, potential worst UFC in history; UFC 78.     

mcpeepants232003 site profile image  

11/25/09 10:00 PM by mcpeepants232003

doubted what? No one has ever doubted that the English produce top quality strikers in mma. What is doubted is that they can translate their striking in to mma superstardom. You can say what you want but not one of Daley, Hardy, Bisping, Winner, Pearson and on has beaten a top ten fighter. Obviously that will change in the future but to say that they have proven others wrong time and time again is a huge stretch. Is Dan Hardy a very talented striker who seems to get better every time out? Why yes he is. Has he or Paul Daley proven that they are better strikers than Thiago Alves? No they haven't. I find it strange that you say they have better chins than Alves when he's only been tko'd once in his career and that resulted from an upkick. Let's not forget that around a year ago Nick Thompson gave Paul Daley trouble on his feet.

ramit upper site profile image  

11/25/09 9:51 PM by ramit upper

 I SMELL!     .....*sniff sniff* .....PUSSY!!!!!

ramit upper site profile image  

11/25/09 9:48 PM by ramit upper

 so in other words; you dont have the confidence in your convictions enough to put your money where your mouth is? what a big surprise!!!!! you are quite prepared to make bold statements on the internet but you cant back them up in real life? hahaha!!

FSMA site profile image  

11/25/09 9:44 PM by FSMA

BTW, you're truly showing you ignorance and immaturity when referring to someone being a "pussy" over not replying quick enough to your post. I actually have a LIFE outside of this forum.

ramit upper site profile image  

11/25/09 9:42 PM by ramit upper

 alot of big-mouthed PUSSIES on this site!!! they like to talk shit but get all nervous & shy when challenged!! haha!!!!