Elvis Sinosic v Chris Haseman in UFC 110

source: brisbanetimes.com.au

Cage fighting entrepreneur Dana White believes the debut Ultimate Fighting Championship show to be held in Sydney in February will prompt a wave of local athletes to abandon traditional sports in pursuit of the millions on offer in the bloodsport.

The mixed martial arts franchise is the fastest growing sports organisation in the world, and White last year knocked back an offer of $US1.2 billion ($1.3m) for the rights.

Now he is heading to town intent on stealing talented athletes who would have otherwise turned to football and boxing. ''It's like coming in and setting off a bomb, like a virus, this thing will spread, and you're going to see a lot of good athletes coming out of there,'' White said. ''Because the reality is you can make millions of dollars doing this, millions of dollars. How many sports in Australia can you say people are playing, where if you're good enough, you can earn millions and millions of dollars?''

The show will be held at Acer Arena at Sydney Olympic Park on February 21. Former Brisbane Broncos wrestling coach Chris Haseman, a mixed martial arts fighter with a 20-16 record, will have a rematch with Elvis Sinosic on the card, while the headline fight will be announced at an official launch in a fortnight.

White said: ''This is the most viable sports franchise on the planet. I'll give you an example, Lyoto Machida is the [UFC light-heavyweight] champion, he is 16-0. In boxing, if you're 16-0 you're still fighting bums. At 16-0, Machida is the champion and earning a shitload of money. You're going to see a lot of Australians coming out and fighting.''

And the UFC won't be using the gimmick of footballers in exhibition bouts, or approaching Australian boxers to compete against their trained cagefighters. ''We don't do the freak show thing, man,'' White said. ''I wouldn't put a boxer in there, he would be defenceless.''

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ECWCock site profile image  

11/26/09 7:52 AM by ECWCock

 please explain..............how did a left leg in end in a elbow to the eye?

ECWCock site profile image  

11/26/09 7:52 AM by ECWCock

 please explain..............how did a left leg in end in a elbow to the eye?

Ers site profile image  

11/26/09 7:49 AM by Ers

Great news to hear that the `King` will be back in the house.....Elvis to win by `King Clamp`!!!

ECWCock site profile image  

11/26/09 7:45 AM by ECWCock

  NSF 03/22/1997 Loss Christopher Haseman Caged Combat 1: Australian UFC Submission Chin to the Eye 1 2:46

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11/26/09 7:45 AM by ECWCock


Elvis site profile image  

11/26/09 7:30 AM by Elvis

Whoa... talk about flash back... I put my left leg in...

HOWtasteMYbigPP site profile image  

11/26/09 4:30 AM by HOWtasteMYbigPP

FUCK YEAH! Made props to Zuffa and Joe Silva for doing the right thing here.

The Mammoth site profile image  

11/26/09 4:22 AM by The Mammoth

 Because of one fight they suddenly dont have have top teir fighters. uh huh.

meatheadCanada site profile image  

11/26/09 4:18 AM by meatheadCanada

Look bro! I'm glad you get all warm and cuddle on how nice it would be. The fact remains the UFC is suppose to hold a standard level of skill. They don't have it!

SamoaBrad site profile image  

11/26/09 2:11 AM by SamoaBrad

Because it's a cool nostalgic fight and it's a nice "thank you" to two Australian fighters who were pioneers in the sport at the very first big show Australia has ever had. Nothing more nothing less. Sometimes the sport needs fight like this.