Mariusz Pudzianowski in training for MMA fight

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He's preparing with Okinski MMA Team in Warsaw, Poland. quite a big club, focused mainly on amateur MMA and on BJJ. some good submission guys are there, but no big MMA names. However, some top international level freestyle wrestlers (superheavyweights) helped him also, and there have been some seminars like this one with Mario Sukata. he's training there for 6 months I think, takes MMA and training in general veeery seriously.


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Attila site profile image  

12/5/09 1:47 AM by Attila

Whatever, he's gonna rip this guy's head off.

sureshock site profile image  

12/5/09 1:31 AM by sureshock


GladiatorGannon site profile image  

12/5/09 1:17 AM by GladiatorGannon

The guy has over 15 years of intense training and competition in boxing - he ain't inexperienced in the fight game, especially compared to Pudz.And as to why Pudz "should" or should not be fighting him - the guy is a very popular fighter in Poland, thus allowing Pudz to make about 100 times as much money fighting him as fighting a no-name inexperienced HW. Believe me, his management knows exactly who Pudz "should" be fighting.

jaseprobst site profile image  

12/5/09 12:25 AM by jaseprobst

Who knows how he does. But I would hate to be the guy he blasts with an elbow from top.

Attila site profile image  

12/5/09 12:19 AM by Attila

I may be on drugs, but I know Pudz is only 6'1", so that guy must be under 6', and yes he's flabby.And you basically compared that flabby guy to Brock. Uhh, what drugs are YOU on?

inf0 site profile image  

12/5/09 12:17 AM by inf0

Derp! There is this thing called skill that will still matter.. you can't put practice and skill development in a syringe.  

Attila site profile image  

12/5/09 12:15 AM by Attila

What does what you said have to do with weight classes. Pudz should be fighting an inexperienced heavyweight, not an inexperienced middleweight (or light-heavyweight at best).

SILK site profile image  

12/4/09 11:37 PM by SILK

 The other guy is a boxer. Apparantly (accoding to the boxer) Pudz said he doesn't respect boxing or mma much, so he wants to shut Pudz up (I'm Polish, so if you want more translated, let me know) And flabby middleweight??? What drugs you on? Brock must look like a flabgby LHW to you too then eh? Pudz is 128 kg.Look at how big the other guy is standing next to him.  

GladiatorGannon site profile image  

12/4/09 11:09 PM by GladiatorGannon

Because it's a fight, not a bodybuilding contest, and the other guy has much more fight training than him?

Attila site profile image  

12/4/09 11:04 PM by Attila

Why is he fighting a guy that looks like a flabby middleweight? Ridiculous...