Fedor's Thrilling KO Seen by Over 25 Million Worldwide

source: thefightnetwork.com

AMSTERDAM, HOLLAND (November 24, 2009) - M-1 Global and Strikeforce announced today that the international audience reports from broadcasters all over the world revealed an unprecedented number of viewers for the November 7th “Fedor vs. Rogers” MMA event from Chicago, Illinois.  

“We are extremely happy with the preliminary broadcast reports,” said M-1 Global CEO Joost Raimond.  “The demographics of these numbers were very promising as our network broadcasting partners in the U.S., Russia, and Korea reach an enormous audience alone.  Coupled with a dozen other countries and our successful internet stream in Japan and other territories, all early accounts and indications tell us that “Fedor vs. Rogers” delivered worldwide more than any other MMA show in the history of the sport,” concluded Raimond.

Scott Coker, founder and owner of Strikeforce and experienced MMA promoter responded "We are thrilled with the tremendous viewership figures that the Fedor vs Rogers event generated overseas.  The results clearly demonstrate the appreciation that fans worldwide have for a number of M-1 Global and Strikeforce mixed martial arts superstars including the number one fighter on the planet - Fedor Emelianenko - and his opponent Brett Rogers."

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dabigchet site profile image  

12/1/09 8:31 PM by dabigchet

first of all, its CBS, not ABC, and the ownership situation of strikeforce (parent sports company), EXC (publically traded) and UFC are all very different beasts.second of all, the new strikeforce has not yet shown the ability to build fights any more than EXC did. i would imagine that they will do better in that regard, but nothing came out of the CBS show to lead to a future fight for anyone, really and there are no more CBS shows coming any time soon anyways. only fans like us follow closely enough for that anyways.third of all, technically having 4 of the top 10 fighters at HW doesn't mean much. 1 of them just got clobbered, 1 hasn't fought there in 2 years and is effectively unknown (overeem), and 1 nobody cares about (werdum). fedor is their biggest draw, but at MW you have a real division to work with: shields, diaz, lawler, le, miller, shamrock, etc. maybe henderson too.

LibertyForGranted site profile image  

12/1/09 2:22 PM by LibertyForGranted

The above addresses nothing of what I said.You mention that Carano and Slice are bigger draws than Fedor which fails to address that promotions are built upon successive matchups. Strikeforce has this, EXC didn't. The size of the draw is irrelevant. The drop-off after that draw fails needed to be mitigated. Production quality: Go ahead and downplay it. It helps to keep newb fans watching and grow the promotion. Very important.Strikeforce's HW division-- 4 top 10 fighters. Bro, it is their best division. Inarguable. Corruption--Shaw was pushed out of XC because of this by ABC execs. The fact that he made terrible production decisions (dude had backup dancers taking up precious minutes of broadcast time) didn't help either. If Coker plays ball with ABC, they will grow the business together. Coker and ABC have a very different relationship. Similar relationship that Dana had with Lorenzo and Frank.

dabigchet site profile image  

12/1/09 1:36 PM by dabigchet

HW is not strikeforce's best division - MW is. i don't know why you think HW is so important. at the end of the day, the strikeforce product is not that much different than the EXC product. strikeforce has not had the rating success that EXC did, so it is premature to predict success with (mostly) the same forumla + fedor. similar roster, same tv, similar presentation. strikeforce is obviously managed much better so they will certainly not flame out like exc did, but to pretend that a focus on HWs and "better production" is going to equal success is naive.

LibertyForGranted site profile image  

12/1/09 12:43 PM by LibertyForGranted

Point is, If I were to write it a year ago, it would have been devoid of logic. You can't build a business from the ground up with Kimbo who was always going to get exposed and always destroy EliteXCs brand. Strikeforce is built around a solid HW division and has leadership that seemingly is uncorrupt. I only would have wrote that EliteXC was a good business model if Kimbo were a co-main and there were 4-5 HWs to take over when his legend fell. Simply enough, the business model is to put on a sequence of HW fights that are intriguing while building the roster. If Fedor loses, it hurts Strikeforce, but there are, at least, viable options behind it.

dabigchet site profile image  

12/1/09 11:47 AM by dabigchet

none of those points were mentioned in your post. your post, word for word, could have been written - in fact similar points were written by many - about elitexc last year. further kimbo OUTDREW fedor by quite a bit. it remains to be seen what kind of difference fedor will make long term - and don't forget he only has 2 more fights with strikeforce on this deal.

orcus site profile image  

12/1/09 11:39 AM by orcus

 "is lorenzo sure about that? mexico's population is 110 mill. it would mean that 1 in 4 man, woman, child, baby, worker and granny would've had to watch ufc 100" I know, it sounds like complete bullshit. These guys can pretty much claim whatever viewership numbers they want since it's not like Nielsen is publishing numbers for those countries on the web.

mmasam site profile image  

12/1/09 9:18 AM by mmasam

Not sure why people get pissed, StrikeForce is providing FREE solid MMA cards with top fighters.I'd like to see Karl Moussassou (sp) VS Marius Zaromskis, that would be insane.

fiercedragon site profile image  

12/1/09 9:13 AM by fiercedragon

sounds intelligent enough, but i'm interested to know how many viewers caught vera/couture in england? the said they had access to 400million viewers...

threestars35 site profile image  

12/1/09 8:19 AM by threestars35

from regional show to a global show, definitely Strikeforce has done a great job this year. Imagine the future events for them that will gonna air internationally? I will not be surprised that 2 years from now Strikeforce will be well known to combat sport fans around the world

glassjawed site profile image  

12/1/09 5:33 AM by glassjawed

Ignoring the racial overtones and the troll factor, your comment displays a distinct lack of comprehension in the areas of business and economics. Network advertising brings in big money everywhere in the world. Just because income levels are lower overall in one country relative to another, it does not necessarily mean that there is no room for profit in international markets. Lower average income is usually proportional to lower costs for items and services meaning the profit margins for companies selling goods in Russia can potentially be just as high or higher than their counterparts in the U.S. 16 million viewers in Russia is a big deal, especially if they showed the fight in the middle of the night or in the early morning. I think it is also likely that the percentage of individuals with television sets in Russia is less than in the U.S. Furthermore, considering the propensity for mma fans to be young and wealthy, and that those watching would have to have not only the "disposable income" to own and operate those television sets but the free time and exposition to be affected by advertising in order to know the program would be on, it could be a big revenue generator for the networks involved.