CSAC rules on medical marijuana

by Ken Pishna | source: mmaweekly.com

The Commission made it clear that legal use via Proposition 215, also known as the Compassionate Use Act of 1996, in California does not negate disciplinary action due to a positive drug test result in relation to events overseen by the CSAC.

“The California State Athletic Commission's position is that marijuana is a banned substance pursuant to Rule 303 and that any positive drug test may result in discipline,” read the statement.

The Commission stated that a Supreme Court ruling in the case of Ross v. RagingWire Telecomm “found that an employer may discipline an employee for off-duty medical marijuana use.”

In the case of athletes licensed to compete, an athletic commission isn’t an employer per se. The CSAC, however, argued its case, saying, “Because the Compassionate Use Act only provides a defense to criminal charges, any argument that the Act would allow an athlete to use the drug without consequences to his or her license must fail. If the Court were to take up a similar challenge to discipline of a licensee, it would likely find that the Commission has a legitimate interest in whether or not an athlete uses the drug because marijuana could slow a fighter's reflexes and endanger his or her health and safety in the ring or the cage.”

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MITman2k site profile image  

12/1/09 12:25 PM by MITman2k

You're not gunning for a Hoezler Reich sponsorship are you?

duckrabbit site profile image  

12/1/09 12:17 PM by duckrabbit

Land of the free!

vruntson site profile image  

12/1/09 10:38 AM by vruntson

The only problem, marijuana, unlike more hardcore drugs ie coke, speed, heroin etc, stays in your system for some time, up to several months in some cases. This is of course subject to the determined cut off levels as set by the CSAC. Quite possibly, spliff today and fail drug test 3 to 4 months from now. Interestingly, I may be incorrect, I do believe that LSD and the wacky cactus juice aren't tested for. Watching fighters on LSD, that would be an event in itself.

Matt Horning site profile image  

11/30/09 4:31 PM by Matt Horning

yea but let them try to fire a minority, female, or homosexual employee for poor performance or causing drama at work~they get fined for discrimination. but an "addict" using medication that is prescribed gets fired? fucking bullshit in my opinion. we got union employees that play cards and drink beer all night a general motors assembly plants, but smoke a joint a week or two before a fight or smoke the night before you go into work and go in sober and then get drug tested~and fired. we got shit fucked up in this country. pot should be legal. you should not need a prescription. until people start smoking as if they are free and chalk up the jail time, this whiteslavery will continue. it is bullshit and i, for one, refuse to acknowledge that law.

madmav site profile image  

11/30/09 3:54 PM by madmav

  yeah.. the csac is basing their ruling that an employer can discipline an off-duty employee... csac is assuming that they are the employer until the courts say otherwise...  should be interesting if a lawsuit does develop over this especially since the csac is so damn crooked.. 

sanno site profile image  

11/30/09 2:08 PM by sanno

fuck off !

SteveChase site profile image  

11/30/09 2:04 PM by SteveChase

If Weed is a banned substance, then alcohol should be a banned substance.--I could not agree more. The argument that pot *might* make someone have slower reaction times, can also be said of alcohol and with the extra benefit of *possibly* making someone less likely to feel pain. 'Extra' only if you do not believe CSACs prior ruling against Diaz that pot somehow enhanced his ability to take punishment and reduce pain even though there is no case study that proves this. If it *might* happen, its good enough for CSAC, with or without evidence or facts.

Streets site profile image  

11/30/09 1:44 PM by Streets


JDolo site profile image  

11/30/09 1:39 PM by JDolo

 CSAC is such a bunch of fags.

AnthonySullivan site profile image  

11/30/09 1:38 PM by AnthonySullivan

 ^ obvious drug user. (remember - big brother is watching)