Shields: "GSP said I'm his dream fight"

by Steven Kelliher | source:

Regarding last fight against Jason "Mayhem" Miller:

Shields: I think I could have done a little bit more on my part, but I think part of it is the U.S. fan perspective on grappling. There were quite a bit of reversals, passes, sweeps, but I think the U.S. fans have difficulty understanding that somewhat.

Regarding a fight with GSP:

Shields: It is important. I feel like I have to fight him unless someone beats him. To be the best, you have to fight the best, and GSP is for sure considered to be the best. It would be awesome if we could get that together in a co-promotion, and the way Strikeforce is going, who knows, it could happen.

At some point you have to look and weigh your options between money and fighting the best. Hopefully it will happen, but at this point I just have to concentrate on my Strikeforce contract and after that I will sit down with my managers and we’ll figure out what I want to do.

Regarding GSP being interested in fighting Shields at a recent Q&A session before UFC 105:

He mentioned that it was his dream fight, you know. He mentioned Brock Lesnar vs. Fedor and him against me, which is awesome because it shows me that in his mind I’m the best guy he hasn’t faced. I have wanted that fight for a while, but it’s nice for him to say that he wants it as well.

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Greg Southworth site profile image  

12/2/09 7:52 PM by Greg Southworth

Boldar you seem to know what you're talking about. Who do you REALLY think would win?

Boldar site profile image  

12/2/09 5:18 PM by Boldar

GSP vs. Shields?  GSP hands down.  GSP is just better at what Shields is good at.  So outside the fluke KO the smart money would be on GSP.

Greg Southworth site profile image  

12/2/09 2:22 PM by Greg Southworth

Who do you guys REALLY think would win this fight???

Boldar site profile image  

12/2/09 1:54 PM by Boldar

First, read my followup posts as I elaborated on most of this already.  Second, MMAth just does not work.

Wasa-B site profile image  

12/2/09 12:51 AM by Wasa-B

1 - will yall layoff the grappling match result from 4 bloody years ago when Fitch was still pretty sub green. And no, Fitch uses a lot more GNP and striking that Shields, he is a mauler, Shields is more of a pure grappler in MMA2 - Fitch also beat Alves long ago, id pick Alves if they fought now

lord humungous site profile image  

12/1/09 11:10 PM by lord humungous


lord humungous site profile image  

12/1/09 11:03 PM by lord humungous

And then you woke up.

mjmcnns site profile image  

12/1/09 10:59 PM by mjmcnns

Yup, dream fight because it would be even more of a gimme than Hardy.

OMA (tm) site profile image  

12/1/09 9:38 PM by OMA (tm)

 ^^ LOL!!! what a MORAN!!!!!!

Subutai site profile image  

12/1/09 9:37 PM by Subutai

1. Fitch has since developed good striking2. Fitch beat Alves years ago, back in his days of losing to Spencer Fisher3. Condit just barely beat some guy named Jake Ellenberger4. It took Shields, a world class grappler...nearly 2 full rounds to beat Daley who had no grappling ability at all5. All but Saunders and Hughes beat him handily, Saunders since he is still young and Hughes since he is old