Renzo signs six-fight deal

by Anton Tabuena | source:

-He says he signed for 6 fights

-When asked about his age, he said "age is in the eyes of the beholder, 42 is the new 30!"

-He insists that Matt Hughes will be his first opponent and the score will be 1-1 for Hughes vs Gracies

-He says this will be the first time he’ll fight at his true weight class.

-They said they aren’t supposed to say it but they say its gonna be Matt Hughes (its not 100% established at 1:53) because he wants to settle the score

-The rest are jokes about how this female reporter, who is the best one in Brazil for MMA, chased him down to get the info.

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bhealthy site profile image  

12/4/09 5:45 PM by bhealthy

names put more butts in seats than talent ever will.

fna site profile image  

12/4/09 3:08 PM by fna

 Even though you've contradicted yourself all over this thread and made yourself look foolish already, I'd like to know who all they have done this with?  The only person of note I can really recall is Werdum when Dos Santos KO'd him.  I know Cro Cop left because they offered him a paycut(but honestly with the way he performed against Gonzaga, Kongo, and even his lackluster debut win over Sanchez, he deserved a paycut), but he's also already back and fighting for them again and said at the time it was a mutual parting. Was it when they gave Randy a new contract extension after losing to Brock and Nog and still put him in MEs? Was it when they cut Shogun for fighting once in 2 years and tapping to Forrest in his debut? Maybe it was when they cut Herring after going 2-3 in his UFC stint? Or when they got rid of Serra after losing to GSP and Hughes back to back? Chuck after getting iced by Rashad and Shogun back to back? Was it when they signed Baroni back, fed him to Amir, saw him get mauled, and said he'd still be getting another fight? Uno's recent disappointing run? Nope, I got it, it was when they brought Trigg back, fed him to Kos for a 1st round KO, then cut him? Coleman after pulling out of the Brock fight due to injury then losing the gasfest that was Shogun v Hammer 2? Oh, wait, all those guys are still under contract and most have scheduled fights coming up soon, well damn, I figured they'd all be on the unemployment line because its 'what the UFC does'. Seems that cutting Werdum for not taking a paycut is actually the minority and you are just saying this shit cause its the cool thing to do.

anunaki site profile image  

12/4/09 12:09 PM by anunaki

Its fuckin renzo gracie! How can anyone not behappy about this? I could give a shit about his ageif gets ahold of your neck ur fucked.

Boldar site profile image  

12/4/09 11:18 AM by Boldar

Pretty simple: he's a legend signing and will fight vs. other legends.  Main reason is to fight Hughes but I'm sure he'll get some other fights if he wins.  No one expects him to have an impact at the top, but the legend aspect alone is enough for me.

Judo Scott site profile image  

12/4/09 10:31 AM by Judo Scott

Manhoef made me laff

Average site profile image  

12/4/09 10:28 AM by Average


B_Goetz site profile image  

12/4/09 6:59 AM by B_Goetz

Almeida was one win away from a title shot at 185, but lost a split decision. He hasn't even fought yet at 170.

ferox13 site profile image  

12/4/09 4:33 AM by ferox13


flip_guard site profile image  

12/4/09 3:39 AM by flip_guard

Well said!!!That's exactly what I was trying to say.

ironyuppie site profile image  

12/4/09 3:37 AM by ironyuppie

You do realize that NFL contracts are also non-guaranteed? If you want a guaranteed contract make it to MLB or get married.