Boxing expert on Kimbo's striking


Kimbo Slice has 4 major problems when it comes to his boxing.

First is a poor grasp of boxing fundamentals and timing. One of his bad habits is telegraphing big shots by bringing his fist back before he lets go with one. He's off-balance most of the time, especially if the fight lasts more than a few minutes. Poor technique and stamina cause there to be a lot of time and space between his shots, but it doesn't help that he always seems to be looking for the single punch KO. If the opponent can back him up, more than half the work is done because he is no danger off the back foot. Anyone with a length advantage has an easier time because Kimbo does not know how to close the distance effectively. He can't possibly win if he doesn't apply consistent pressure.

Another issue is his lack of quickness. He is slow and many of his moves are unnatural. Boxing is a speed game and Kimbo just doesn't have it.

We've seen Slice hurt by smaller guys, and with some less than devastating blows. Based on what he's shown so far, you have to conclude that his ability to take the incoming is less than average. It's certainly not up there with top fighters in either sport. Boxing and MMA are hurt businesses. You can't go far if you can't deal with getting hit.

Poor wind has plagued Kimbo since his days as a backyard brawler. Now that he's a professional MMA fighter, his endurance has improved from horrible to significantly below average. It doesn't seem as though Kimbo will ever learn how to pace himself. As seconds pass, his technique only gets sloppier. Bad form only feeds into the fatigue, which can bring disastrous results. I'm sure he'll relax more as his career progresses, but for now...

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inf0 site profile image  

12/5/09 12:15 AM by inf0

All things consider, his 'attitude' was hammed up a shit load for the show....  

GayGuard MooSaucy site profile image  

12/5/09 12:11 AM by GayGuard MooSaucy

You can't turn a donkey into a race horse.Sorry if that sounds harsh....But it's true.

Irishcarbomb21 site profile image  

12/5/09 12:03 AM by Irishcarbomb21

i don't think boxing will ever be swallowed...i hope not. I love Kimbo...but not because of his boxing (which sucks-article was right on) but because he has a great attitude about everything...he really does need Freddie Roach

GayGuard MooSaucy site profile image  

12/4/09 11:56 PM by GayGuard MooSaucy

How can anyone actually believe Kimbo is a good fighter??

NailedtotheSky site profile image  

12/4/09 10:38 PM by NailedtotheSky

As I've always said, Kimbo is an average striker and pure shit on the ground and therefore a D-level fighter.

SD CARTEL site profile image  

12/4/09 10:37 PM by SD CARTEL

That all may be true..but has this boxing expert ever TRANE'd MMA? for real, MMA boxing is different...blocking's different and the defense of takedowns always needs to be accounted for.Milton Bowen

Ronin 7 site profile image  

12/4/09 10:34 PM by Ronin 7

So...from the expert stand-point...Kimbo should just quit before he throws another punch? Joe Rogan said it best..."You're sport is being swallowed." Hey boxing expert...start critiquing boxing big names fighting not lose (excluding Pac-Man). War Kimbo and the entire damn card tomorrow.

kneedy site profile image  

12/4/09 10:16 PM by kneedy

wow the failKimbo's rep is as a street boxer/street "fighter" lolNot every mma fighter was a boxer or trains in boxing. Learning boxing as a base for mma is a good way to get kicked in the face in a mma fight/mma sparring. Have a wrestling coach critique Bader's or Rashad's wrestling. It won't be anywhere near as brutal as that.And I have trained boxing for many many years before getting into mma. I read 2 lines and lmfao, he's got some good points, proabably why Seth P. was able to land that karate punch on Kimbo. Kimbo left a large opening when he brought his hand back to load up for a big shot. Good analysis.Look for Houston to do the same although it will be much more brutal than a tap on the chin and a slap on the side of the head.

Grakman site profile image  

12/4/09 10:07 PM by Grakman

 Still wondering where everyone gets the idea that Kimbo has a big KO punch.

OneScoup site profile image  

12/4/09 9:50 PM by OneScoup

LOL @ these types of Kimbo haters. Chances are whoever your favorite MMA fighter is wouldn't hold up well under such an analysis of boxing technique.