Hulk Hogan speaks on UFC business model

by Tom Jenkins | source:

While The Ultimate Fighter finale was a night full of controversy. Not to be upstaged by the drama happening in the cage, pro wrestling legend, Terry Bollea, better known by his wrestling name - Hulk Hogan had a huge announcement of his own. The wrestling company he currently is heading, Total Non-stop Action [TNA], will be going head to head with Vince McMahon's WWE RAW on Monday Nights, airing on SpikeTV. We had a chance to speak briefly with "the Hulkster" during the show and ask him his opinions on the UFC and Mixed Martial Arts in general:

"Well brother, it's definitely an exciting sport...this crowd is just electric. I have tremendous respect for these dudes who go out there and put it all on the line, they're amazing athletes."

When asked about the UFC's business model, Hogan praised the current business model but suggested some possible improvements.

"Dana [White] does a great job, and it's obviously working, I mean the sport is huge right now compared to a few years ago. But I just think there are little things he could do to improve the show, dude. With a nice entrance way, some pyrotechnics and custom entrance music for his fighters, it would ensure a much more fan friendly environment and allow the fans to better identify the individual fighters.

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Tomato Can site profile image  

12/9/09 12:22 PM by Tomato Can

He was left out of the loop because he refused to do his job and lose to Michaels.

LPShred site profile image  

12/9/09 11:57 AM by LPShred

They don't call it the Montreal SCREWJOB for nothing. Not to mention Bret was left out of the loop and lied to by Michaels after the fight.

Tomato Can site profile image  

12/9/09 10:37 AM by Tomato Can

I know they really don't like each other, but doesn't this all stem from Bret leaving for WCW and refusing to lose to Shawn Michaels in Canada before he left? He's a pro wrestler, his job is to do what the bookers tell him to do.

sewich site profile image  

12/9/09 10:34 AM by sewich

Tomato Can - I dunno if Vince really "screwed over" Bret Hart. In wrestling storyline terms he did, but in business terms Hart was Vince's employee and was insubordinate.not really, if you are interested watch the documetary "wrestling with shadows" about bret hart and it pretty much shows how Vince fucked him over and that the hate between Vince and Bret was quite real indeed at the end and it wasn't just a wwe story line.

sadic1 site profile image  

12/9/09 9:58 AM by sadic1

I'd like to see some production enhancements. Not just bigger, more theatrical entrances, but just a new look and feel, new theme song, etc. The gladiator thing was cool for many years, but let's not stagnate.

fiercedragon site profile image  

12/9/09 9:31 AM by fiercedragon

delete this thread already...

Bobby Lupo site profile image  

12/9/09 9:12 AM by Bobby Lupo

 They both did each other a favor: Vince got out of that lifetime contract and Bret got big $$$ upfront from WCW. Big time work. Solidified McMahon as a heel and Bret as a wrestling purist. Brilliant really.

Tomato Can site profile image  

12/9/09 8:56 AM by Tomato Can

I dunno if Vince really "screwed over" Bret Hart. In wrestling storyline terms he did, but in business terms Hart was Vince's employee and was insubordinate.

sewich site profile image  

12/9/09 1:06 AM by sewich

same thing happened with bret hart. signed a long term contract when WCW was gaining strength then Vince srewwed him over.

keiths site profile image  

12/9/09 12:35 AM by keiths

didnt anyone bring up Chucks iceman entrance yet from several years ago? doesnt get any worse than that