Dean Lister apologizes for MFC fight

by Dean Lister | source: theUG

From: DeanLister
Posted: 3 hours ago
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i appreciate the opportunity from Mark Pavelich and MFC in getting me this fight.

I hope that not everyone is too abusive to me in this forum cause I would like to apoligize for my fight against Leites. Even my own corner let me know that this is an abomination of a fight and my worst performance ever, so what can I say??? the first kick landed by Leites set the tone of the fight. While he absolutely beat me fair and square and I have no excuses, this is the blow (kick) that set the pace. This is my bad leg, my knee that I have always had problems with. This I guess is similar to saying in another fight for instance "he broke my eye socket" and I lost, lol so yes my leg was damaged in the first damm round, like I said, not an excuse but the reason I was so immobile and not able to do anything... well from my point of view. I must give my opponent credit and he has improved his striking to an incredible extent.

I perhaps "even though I bragged that I was (above having a warm up fight after a year off) should've taken a warm up fight lol, against a lesser opponent. So whatever anyone thinks, its all good. im a little in limbo right now and upset about my performance, but still I know most of you will say ill things towards me, most of you have never been in my shoes and I could say that none of you understand how it feels to lose such an important fight, but in all fairness, since I have been placed in the public light a little bit, maybe I deserve it so I do apologize for my performance only to my team (Throwdown Elite Training Center) and my friends who have believed so much in me. I don't know what I should say or what I should do. I will not enter the ring or cage again until I know that I will have a great performance. Life is ups and downs and I know that, I want to enter my next arena of competition knowing that I'm on the up and up. Hope all is well and everyone has happy holidays, in fact this will be my first holiday season in three years that I will have with my family, take care everyone,


Dean Lister

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Sniffy site profile image  

2/24/10 10:19 AM by Sniffy

Can someone who wouldn't ordinarily, vote that guy down for me please? Thanks in advance.

On My Knees for Doom site profile image  

2/21/10 2:07 PM by On My Knees for Doom

 ^Since you obviously have an axe to grind and you're obviously from around the same area as him, why didn't you just go tell this to Dean in person?

xtremesd site profile image  

2/21/10 2:02 PM by xtremesd

As long as you are in that gym with those clowns you will continue to get the same results. All of your fights have progressively gotten worse. All the best fighters see and recognize when its time to make a change to another camp. You seem to enjoy smacking your head into the same brick wall over and over again. The fact that you also dont realize that each time you come on here to apologize for your pathetic fight performance, makes you look twice as pathetic. To bad you have all the tools to be a great mma fighter but just choose to suck on the booz.

Maximum Fighting site profile image  

12/12/09 1:23 PM by Maximum Fighting


bongwater7654 site profile image  

12/8/09 5:41 PM by bongwater7654

just be glad you didn't crack your skull 

Kneeblock site profile image  

12/8/09 5:38 PM by Kneeblock

 Dean, you're a legend already.  Now get back in shape and get back in there.

Rox19 site profile image  

12/8/09 5:20 PM by Rox19

much love to Dean Lister!

ddinks site profile image  

12/8/09 4:36 PM by ddinks

sorry but I dont buy it. Lister has always been a mediocre mma'er. He has been in the game a few years now. Step aside and let other fighters get on the cards. Stick to grappling

bhealthy site profile image  

12/8/09 10:58 AM by bhealthy

didnt see yer mma match but you just earned a supporter here mate!

Obama's Boytoy site profile image  

12/8/09 10:49 AM by Obama's Boytoy

Hey do you live in Utah?  I thought I was the only one from Utah that posted on here!!