Buentello suspended by AKA

source: fightmagazine.com

“I’m on suspension. I think Bob [Cook] has most control of it, letting me back in the gym,” said Buentello, who returns to the Ultimate Fighting Championship on Dec. 12.

According to the fighter and his long-time trainer and friend, Dave Velasquez of Nor Cal Fight Factory, the dispute arose when Buentello replaced Cook with a new manager.“I’ve always came to this crossroads, if I ever go back to the UFC, I gotta have somebody on board that’s gonna sell me like I’m the best thing since sliced bread,” said Buentello. The native Texan believes that someone is Elis Pacheco of New York-based Dedos Marketing Group, which has worked with Ice-T, Fat Joe and Beyonce Knowles.

“You just get that vibe, you know? That he’s out for your best interest no matter what and he doesn’t care about pushing the limits,” he said. “He’s gonna get the deal done.”

“I’ve been there a long time,” said Buentello. “That’s my home. It sucks, it sucks, it sucks that I can’t go home for a little bit.”

Cook, Buentello’s former manager and trainer, declined comment.

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BITM site profile image  

12/13/09 2:23 AM by BITM

 Sometimes I don't like being right. It's a shame when you watch the torch get passed from nice guys with good hearts. You feel bad for them. Hop[fully Paul will have succes outside of fighting.

knocka site profile image  

12/9/09 1:13 PM by knocka

looking forward to seeing Paul in the UFC.I still think you can be a trainer and manager.

QUENTEN site profile image  

12/9/09 8:50 AM by QUENTEN

3 sides to every story...Lets wait to hear as much of the story as possible...just my 2 cents

Dominique Robinson site profile image  

12/9/09 5:37 AM by Dominique Robinson

the hell why is my name black all of a sudden!?

Dominique Robinson site profile image  

12/9/09 5:33 AM by Dominique Robinson

First off....PAUL WHERE ARE U ON HERE?! I see people saying this and saying that about AKA based SOLELY on the success of the athlete's there, well I was there before all this success. The 1st thing I'll let the shit talkers know is that because it's a big team doesn't mean that everything there is good. Paul B, Jon Fitch, Mike Kyle (as crazy as he is), Dave V (as crazy as he is), and trainers Jerome Turcan and Andy Fong are probably the REALEST people there. I was there when Fitch and me were the only 1's rolling around together half the time and the only person who put in personal work with him was Lynn Schutlz. I was there when Mike Swick was still fucking kid lion not this stupid "quick" shit and he was a cool guy, to getting his head big from tuf, to being good old mike again. I was there when frank was gone, came back, and was gone again with the falling out with Jav. I was there when, did bob cook know how to put together a fight camp and have your ass in shape? fuck yea! but being in shape and having a TRAINER are two different things and SOME people didnt have trainers...actually MOST, as in any gym the people have their favorites. For a long time AKA was like that and when the people began to reap success from the growth of mma, good cardio, and the insane, better than most ufc, sparring sessions there....THEN they began to get trained personally. I'll tell you this, Javier Mendez is one of the most old school, REAL guys there is. When I was there and could no longer afford to go, he would let me in his doors for free and still leaves an open invite for me till this day. My dream has always been to go to japan and try my hand there. AKA was my 1st home from my budding friendship with Cleat, to my indoor fights with the punk, to my father son role with frank shamrock, to our falling out, etc and I will tell you that bob wouldnt mind kicking my ass while he told me..and i quote "if you fight you will never finish anyone...you have no finishing ability" and this is after me, a kid who didnt wrestle or do any shit growing up, would hang day in and day out with all the guys sparring, grappling, etc...I remember even one time Fitch (who is one of the few people always willing to help even back then) had me in a full out armbar that i got out of and my many chuck liddell get back to my feet wars we had. Bob could have gotten me to japan anytime he wanted but always had a reason never to help, got me in strikeforce anytime he wanted but would never help...always claiming "what have you done" or "i havent seen u" or "you have to come spar the world and show me what u have" while others at AKA commended me on my success thus far in this game we call mma as i train MYSELF 90% of the time with someone helping me here and there, while managing myself, trying to get my own sponsers, and fights...only person who never gave credit or tried to help was the one person who could....BOB.......COOK! If i had the power to make someone's dreams come true, i would. Look here Herschel walker, Cromier, and others who go to AKA who were wrestling stars or stars from another sport, you'll see bob put them in strikeforce their 1st fights! AKA caught on and began to build new fighters, but back then that wasnt even going on and like any gym you have to grow and learn i understand but a BIG gym, a NAME team, or a SUCCESSFUL team, does NOT mean everything is peaches and cream. My boy at ATT said he went thru the same things there and he is VERY successful, yet the "superstars" got the time over him he said. Most people at AKA are genuine i'll tell you that and they fixed most their flaws NOW and i love them all to death but I couldnt sit by and listen to people down talk Paul and uptalk bob when I was there and I know what can and may still....is still going on when it comes to SOME people. Everyone on the UG take what you will from everything I have written and I hope you get an inside and CLEARER perspective on the truth of how things in this game CAN work. latewww.therealfallenangel.com

MrMead site profile image  

12/8/09 10:50 PM by MrMead

you fought ralph with one leg.... jk

MMARising site profile image  

12/8/09 9:20 PM by MMARising

Why? I am not posting random Internet speculation. If you are a part of the AKA team, which your next post implies, then you obviously have first-hand knowledge of this. So do I, because I was in a meeting WITH STRIKEFORCE in Tulsa where this was addressed, and Rich's comments in the interview weeks ago simply confirmed that. If he hadn't publicly talked about it, I wouldn't either. As I said before, if the UFC suddenly announced tomorrow that they were hiring one of the top XC or ATT trainers to handle significant matchmaking duties for the promotion while also keeping their XC/ATT duties, the conflict of interest would not go over well. That's exactly what's happening here and nothing that you posted disputes that because it's the truth.

Lion Of Zion site profile image  

12/8/09 8:49 PM by Lion Of Zion

Paul should join ATT. Everyone else is there.

LiftStrong site profile image  

12/8/09 8:40 PM by LiftStrong

It is a huge conflict of interest having your trainer as your manager. Who is to say Cook hasnt signed an under the table deal with a promoter to send his fighters that way, even if it is for less cash/security? There is nothing wrong with a trainer having input into who one of his fighters faces, but they should have no control over their contracts. ttt for bigger & better for Buentello!

joe bruce site profile image  

12/8/09 7:50 PM by joe bruce

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. TTT for Paul getting a new and better home. Ironic this is the same team that was damn near blackballed by Dana all together, now its on the other foot isn't it?