Jake Shields knocks out dog fighting

source: KnockOutDogFighting.org

Mixed Martial Arts Middleweight Champion Jake Shields teams up with For Pits’ Sake to stop cruelty and abuse through the Knock Out Dog Fighting program.

Kris Crawford of For Pits’ Sake, Inc. today announced that Strikeforce Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Middleweight Champion Jake Shields is the latest of a long list of professional fighters to join the Knock Out Dog Fighting program. Shields’ is speaking out against the cruel practice of dog fighting with the release of a new Knock Out Dog Fighting poster.

The Knock Out Dog Fighting program is an award-winning youth intervention program created to stop cruelty and abuse. The organization partners with community based organizations, schools, community centers, juvenile detention facilities, law enforcement and gang prevention task forces to to provide healthy alternatives to dog fighting. Knock Out Dog Fighting team members are positive role models that teach empathy for animals and help at-risk youth make better choices, develop self-respect and healthy lifestyles. This reduces involvement in dog fighting and other gang-related activities.

Shields, a single father to his 8-year-old daughter, holds 4 major championship belts: Strikeforce Middleweight Champion, Elite XC Welterweight Champion, Rumble On The Rock Welterweight Champion and Shooto World Champion. “Now that I am a known fighter I think it’s important for me to be a positive role model and speak out to let people know this kind of stuff isn’t OK,” said Shields. “As professional fighters, we are willing participants and can walk away whenever we want. Dogs aren’t given that choice.”

“We are excited to have Jake speaking out against cruelty and abuse,” said Crawford. “As a role model to millions of young fans, Jake has the ability to positively influence behavior. We look forward to his involvement in our youth intervention programs,” said Crawford.

For more information about the award-winning Knock Out Dog Fighting program and how you can join Jake Shields in Knocking Out Dog Fighting, go to KnockOutDogFighting.org


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AnthonyBrancato site profile image  

12/12/09 5:22 AM by AnthonyBrancato

One of these days Jake Shields is gonna put the 415 on the MMA map!

OMA (tm) site profile image  

12/12/09 5:21 AM by OMA (tm)

 "MRG1, its a proven medical fact that the only time a dog will wag his tail is when he is happy" -A very important animal doctor ............... Well I guess That settles that ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Interesting news from a highly respected animal doctor -OMA (tm)  

MRG1 site profile image  

12/11/09 7:49 PM by MRG1

again, you stupid shit.read a book.do you really think the only time a dogs tail wags, its because they are happy???you're even more ignorant than i thought.

HAMMER site profile image  

12/11/09 7:45 PM by HAMMER


MRG1 site profile image  

12/11/09 7:44 PM by MRG1

you are a retard....read a book or something. Do you even know what "pits" were originally bred for?certainly NOT dog fighting.uneducated cunt.

MRG1 site profile image  

12/11/09 7:41 PM by MRG1

you sir, are a fuckin douchebag. in every sense of the word.Ask your celebrities and REAL rich people to help the poor or hungry. you know fucksticks who make 20 million a movie.or maybe our piece of shit government.? not Jake shields. btw, he is donating his time and shit, Not money.and if we cured everybody, and all diseases, the world would NOT be a better place.in fact, it would be very overcrowded. way worse than it is now.its called the circle of life fucktard. you cant live forever.

Angry Pug site profile image  

12/11/09 1:12 PM by Angry Pug

I would love to support this company and buy a t-shirt, but I'll be damned if the shirts don't look like they are promoting some pitbull fight league. I would expect to see some brotha walking his pitbull with the spiked collar down Martin Luther King Blvd wearing one of their t-shirts. Great cause, but who does their marketing?

OMA (tm) site profile image  

12/10/09 11:37 PM by OMA (tm)

 This is the thread about a REAL BADASS FIGHTER that KO'ed a dog that was popping off to the wrong 5x World Champion fighter................ Dog talks shit....Shields KO's him.......... END OF "Shields KO's Dog, fighting" THREAD!!!!! -OMA (tm)

AnthonySullivan site profile image  

12/10/09 11:17 PM by AnthonySullivan

Is this the whiny bitch thread about Saving the Whales or the wussy fighter saving killer dogs thread?

OMA (tm) site profile image  

12/10/09 11:01 PM by OMA (tm)

 How do you know he did not also do that? (cause he did!)