Reluctant Dana hopes Liddell is one and done


If the recent announcement that Chuck Liddell will oppose Tito Ortiz in the upcoming 11th season of "The Ultimate Fighter" left you scratching your head more than pumping your fist, you're not alone.

UFC president Dana White had to be convinced, too.

But having made a promise to his friend, White lived up to his end of the bargain. Now White just hopes Liddell will call it quits after one more trip to the cage.

"I wanted [Liddell] to retire," White recently told a small group of reporters at a UFC 107 press conference. "It just went back and forth for so long. What he said to me was, 'How about I take some time off. Let me take some time off.' He did this 'Dancing with the Stars' thing, and he had fun with it. I was happy with how aggressively he went after it and really trained.

"[Liddell and I] made some other deals, personal deals, between me and him for this season of 'The Ultimate Fighter.' We'll let [Liddell and Ortiz] go at it again."

"I'm not thrilled with it," White said. "It's not what I wanted. But like I said, I'm not his father. I'm not his dad. We'll see what happens after the Tito fight. I would like to see him hang it up after the Tito fight.

"That's my plan: He does one fight and then he retires – win, lose or draw."

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Bill Pharoni site profile image  

12/13/09 1:59 PM by Bill Pharoni

Ortiz is a safe opponent for Liddell. He doesn't hit hard it doesn't really matter who wins.