Belfort confirms fight with Anderson in 2010


In the end of November, Jorge Guimarães, Anderson Silva’s manager, confirmed to that his athlete and Vitor Belfort would face each other in 2010. Now, Vitor Belfort confirmed the bout with UOL website, confirming the title fight.

“I never had the dream to take what’s from other people, my dream is to win what’s mine. The people who owns UFC wants that fight to happen, so it will happen”, the former two time UFC champion said, saying that the fight will happen on the first half of the year, when Anderson got recover from the surgery on the elbow.

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future7 site profile image  

12/14/09 7:13 PM by future7

Silva has this fight but I believe it will be one of his most exciting ones since his last 3. Vitor is just Xplosive that may pull a W against a lesser opponent like Franklin. But Anderson is on a whole new level than any other fighter as in skill and technique. Really I think if Vitor stands up with Silva he gets knocked out if it goes to the ground submitted.

The Sultan site profile image  

12/14/09 6:59 PM by The Sultan

 was gonna ask the same thing.

THP site profile image  

12/14/09 6:48 PM by THP

:/Belfort gets crushed

TapoutT1978 site profile image  

12/14/09 6:29 PM by TapoutT1978

no disrespect to Vitor but WTF? Seriously, WTF Zuffa?

billcosbiguez site profile image  

12/14/09 12:57 PM by billcosbiguez

he not only has great striking offense, but defense. as evidenced by his simulataneous parry against a jab and low kick counter against Ace.

Humboldt JuiJitsu site profile image  

12/14/09 12:18 PM by Humboldt JuiJitsu

Vitor Belfort stands a better chance against Anderson than anyone else in the division.

Juhana site profile image  

12/14/09 11:41 AM by Juhana

Vitor has a better chance than most.

Ramon Maroni site profile image  

12/14/09 11:28 AM by Ramon Maroni

Honestly I believe Vitor has no chance

Monsters Ball site profile image  

12/14/09 10:58 AM by Monsters Ball

Because it's a title fight. Has to be at the MW limit.

raoulDuke site profile image  

12/14/09 10:53 AM by raoulDuke

why not just do a catchweight? anderson seems to think he can hang at 205 anyhoo