MMA fighter(ish) fined for punching Snookie Polizzi


Brad Ferro was arrested, charged with assault, fined $500 and ordered by a judge to take anger management classes after he punched Jersey Shore star Snooki Polizzi at a bar in August. So you have to wonder what his anger management counselor has to say about his participation in cage fighting.

In the video above dredged up by TMZ, Ferro can be seen entering the cage against Spencer Cook last January, at an unregistered Mixed Martial Arts event called Clash in the Cage. Brad grapples briefly with the other fighter before being dealt a devastating blow straight to the dome that knocks him out. Brad hits the mat and the ref quickly calls the fight.

In case you haven't seen the other video that's given Brad instant infamy, he's in a bar where the cast of Jersey Shore can be seen drinking when he punches Nicole "Snookie" Polizzi in the face. Snooki drops to the floor and her friends help her out.

The clip ignited a firestorm of controversy as MTV was accused of exploiting footage of a woman being punched in the face. MTV announced plans to air the episode along with a PSA featuring Snooki that would condemn violence against women. The network has since announced that the footage has been cut from the episode.

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xakx site profile image  

12/19/09 7:08 PM by xakx

regardless of who she is or what she said/did he is a piece of shit for doing it and deserves to get brutally beaten.

JesseLawrence site profile image  

12/19/09 6:48 PM by JesseLawrence

 The last thing I need to hear is this guy is a mma fighter? what he fought one amateur match and got ktfo'd. lmao probably why he needs to fight girls now. I think it was a bitch move to hit her. He probably did it for the camera, regardless it was funny on tv. but I would still punk that guy if I ever came around him. Sign him up to fight me. I"ll do it.

Monsters Ball site profile image  

12/19/09 6:18 PM by Monsters Ball

Sean Connery on hitting women

Steelersfan 24 7 site profile image  

12/19/09 5:32 PM by Steelersfan 24 7

That guys is piece of shit and him and his friends were acting like tools and stealing their drinks. Snooki just called him out that's it. I wanna bang the hell out of Snooki. I know a lot of guys have gone there already, but I like those Italian ladies. Her big jugs and fat but are very nice.

holly9000 site profile image  

12/19/09 5:00 PM by holly9000

solidsnake site profile image  

12/19/09 10:48 AM by solidsnake

TTT for The Situation to get his game on and get laid again and again whilst pushing 30.  

QUENTEN site profile image  

12/19/09 10:19 AM by QUENTEN

She is 19 in a bar?

Eliddle site profile image  

12/19/09 5:18 AM by Eliddle

I keep hearing Prodigy in my head..."Smack my bitch up."

DJ Pauly Delvecchio site profile image  

12/19/09 5:13 AM by DJ Pauly Delvecchio

That fuckin cooz ain't The Situation

evangelico site profile image  

12/19/09 4:07 AM by evangelico

you guys do realize we live in a world where men regularly beat up women and not the other away around, right? i got no respect for anybody rationalizing what that fuckhead did.