Lorenzo Fertitta speaks to House Judiciary Committee on piracy

by Darren Rovell | source: cnbc.com

Sports Organizations Fighting Live Streaming piracy

Executives with Major League Baseball and the UFC were in front of the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday to discuss the increasing problem of live streaming of its sporting events to the Internet.

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It’s an interesting issue when you consider that the popular sites like Justin.tv, which has featured millions of hours of live content, contend that they are just the middle man and therefore can’t be held responsible for everything that is posted by its users to its site.

UFC chairman and CEO Lorenzo Fertitta, who testified on behalf of the mixed martial arts league on Wednesday, told CNBC that live streaming to the Web is a major concern, but it’s also hard to deal with.

“These sites provide us with a tool to take live streams down,” Fertitta said. “But for our last fight, there were 160,000 streams going.”

As the sports organization that has the most pay-per-view buys –- approximately seven million in 2009 –- Fertitta says protecting the intellectual property is an essential investment. He said the UFC employs people during fights to take live streaming off sites.

Why hasn’t there been a huge lawsuit on this issue? Fertitta says if the UFC sued one site, it would just re-establish itself using another domain name and continue to operate. With $70 worth of equipment a television and a computer, Fertitta says anyone can attempt to stream events to the Web.

But just because it’s easy to do and easier to watch thanks to growing bandwidth, that doesn’t mean sports organizations aren’t going to continue to fight against piracy.

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Bryan Reese site profile image  

12/17/09 9:05 PM by Bryan Reese

WTF does she have to do with streams on the net? Or are we talking about Somali pirates? Or butt pirates?

ssummers site profile image  

12/17/09 9:03 PM by ssummers

So Zuffa are just supposed to be cool with piracy?Yeah it's true that the vast majority of people who stream a PPV will never buy one. But that figure is slowly but surely decreasing. And it would decrease even faster if Zuffa didn't make an attempt in shutting down as many streams as they could.Should Zuffa be cool with Justin.tv generating ad revenue from PPV streams and not even passing a cent of it back to themselves? How much of the donations on mma-tv.net actually go back to Zuffa?

GSP4Prez site profile image  

12/17/09 8:56 PM by GSP4Prez

I think a great supplement to the PPV would be to show the event at local movie theaters andcharge the usual ticket price. Most people watching streams are doing it alone and would probably be willing to shell out the $12 or so, to watch it on the big screen with some fellow fight fans.

Haulport site profile image  

12/17/09 8:25 PM by Haulport

That has always been my feeling. I think the marketing value of streams actually makes the loss a wash. The VAST majority of people who watch streams would NEVER buy the PPV and the handful who would aren't going to buy the PPV because the stream is down.....they'd watch a couple of shows online and if there was a really good one they'd order that one. If they have no streams then they just move along.  

inf0 site profile image  

12/17/09 8:10 PM by inf0

PPV model is old.. Zuffa needs to get with the times or end up like the music industry... Bottom line. Get your shit on network tv and let your ad revenue do the rest...  

palerider101 site profile image  

12/17/09 8:00 PM by palerider101

Streaming will never die. Just like torrents will never go away. U shut down one site and 10 others pop up. It' the way of the interweb. Good luck ZUFFA

duckrabbit site profile image  

12/17/09 3:29 PM by duckrabbit

Nice! I don't care about piracy necessarily, just poor quality. I've really only ever 'stolen' stuff I couldn't otherwise get, but Zuffa has maxed out PPV. I'm a big fight fan, but a PPV every month is a little over the top.

Meohfumado site profile image  

12/17/09 2:56 PM by Meohfumado

lol @ the piracy isn't stealing bit.Whatever makes your entitled ass feel justified in your douchebaggery, I guess...Just like the video game pirates. You think you have some sort of inalienable right to private content, but you really are just mouthbreathing freeloaders. You're no better than a common shoplifter who just hides behind his computer instead of having the ballz to go out and physically commit your crimes.

Hey Beer Man site profile image  

12/17/09 2:49 PM by Hey Beer Man

If it is lackluster then don't watch it. If it isn't worth paying for it isn't worth stealing.

FCM site profile image  

12/17/09 1:55 PM by FCM

I guess when Zuffa stamps out piracy they will be able to give fighters a decent pay..............Enzo ?