Sherk out Bang in v Jim Miller UFC 108

by Steven Marrocco | source:

The seemingly cursed UFC 108 card took yet another hit on Wednesday as former lightweight champion Sean Sherk was forced off the show with a laceration requiring stitches over his eye. Stepping in to replace him will be Duane "Bang" Ludwig who returns to the UFC for the first time since 2006 to take on Jim Miller in a 155-pound contest.

Sources indicated to that Sherk was forced off the card due to an inch-long cut suffered over his right eye in training. The wound required several stitches that would not come out until at least the middle of next week.

Miller has now undergone two opponent changes in less than a week after Tyson Griffin was forced off the card with an injury prior to Sherk stepping in.

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WWE_Fighter site profile image  

12/21/09 6:43 AM by WWE_Fighter

 I just got off the phone with Sherk. This fight aint happening.

GC111 site profile image  

12/18/09 2:24 AM by GC111

It must be. No way all of a sudden this happens with different injuries all at one event.

I Sucked Hardy's Swick site profile image  

12/18/09 1:55 AM by I Sucked Hardy's Swick

 This. You dont see NFL, MLB, Boxers or any other professional athletes going down day after day after day in PRACTICE.

Scream13 site profile image  

12/17/09 11:57 PM by Scream13

am i imagining things, or didnt sherk used to post here? i thought i remember him posting from a while ago(sorry, guilty lurker)

blue63 site profile image  

12/17/09 11:53 PM by blue63

 Do you know anything about nandrolone? MANY athletes have been documented testing at 5-9 ng/mL, as it is an anabolic steroid produced naturally in your body and the production increases exponentially with athletic performance/training.  It is reasonable to assume that his increased levels of nandrolone are simply a result of hard work (Sherk DOES work harder in the gym than just about anyone in the sport) combined with a slight physical anomaly (similar to Lance Armstrong’s off the chart red blood call count that caused so much controversy in the cycling world). Add that with the facts that the CSAC control sample used tested at 8ng/mL which is well above the acceptable limits set forth by the Anti-Doping Committee of 6ng/mL, the unaccountable gaps in the custody of ONLY Sherks two submitted samples to the CSAC out of everybody who submitted a sample for that show, his polygraph test results, the fact that the Anti-Doping Committee found nandrolone in over 15% of OTC supplements and Sherk takes over 22 separate supplements and you have one very fishy situation with no definitive result.

Mike Russell site profile image  

12/17/09 11:32 PM by Mike Russell

Sean hadn't yet pulled out when I spoke with him and was unsure of whether or not it would be OK for January 2. I fact he was surprised  when I mentioned that he had pulled out due to injury since he was hoping he could still fight. He was waiting on word from the UFC doctor whether or not it would heal in two weeks. If you read what I posted, I wrote that he "did not pull out" and he hadn't yet. The original report jumped the gun as a decision had not yet been made.  

Mr R 1982 site profile image  

12/17/09 11:32 PM by Mr R 1982

Yeah, not like he's ever pissed hot before ... I mean since he has a squeaky clean track record that jut totally rules that theory out. Who in their right mind might actually consider a person's past actions as a prediction to the person's future actions? LOLSean is a monster and he was probably over training to put on an entertaining fight at 108. Sean has to know he has to put on phenomenal performances for his fights, how else would people buy he has a shot at the 155 belt? It just sucks all around. Move 108 to Spoke for free.

Doem site profile image  

12/17/09 11:28 PM by Doem

lol at that sherdog front page right after "i just talked to sherk tonight and hes' still in"Edit: im not a doctor, but it looks like that cut would be good in two weeks

Card site profile image  

12/17/09 11:27 PM by Card

Ken Shamrock? =)

Card site profile image  

12/17/09 11:27 PM by Card