Melendez wants to call it even, no rubber match


Josh “The Punk” Thomson and Gilbert “El Nino” Melendez are thirsting for more respect.They closed 2009 with an absolute top five candidate for Fight of the Year setting up another chapter in a trilogy somewhere down the road. Both fighters said that can wait because now they want to send a message to rest of the top lightweights around the world.

Melendez, who moved to 17-2 by winning back his Strikeforce lightweight title via unanimous five-round decision, suggested that the rankings are ridiculous and he feels dissed (2:15 mark).

"Now that we got our stuff done with, it’s up to us to prove we’re the best 55ers," said Melendez, who is ranked 13th in the USAToday/Bloody Elbow lightweight top 25. "Me and him are badass. I think me and him can take out all the dudes in UFC and all the dudes in DREAM. It’s about the respect. We can beat a lot of those guys. We’re complete MMA fighters. A lot of guys aren't."

Thomson dropped down to No. 24 after the loss.

"We’ve delivered great fights. Now it’s time for us to keep pushing [Scott Coker] to bring in the bigger name fighters and for Gilbert and I to start laying them out," said Thomson, "I welcome them with closed fists." 

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orcus site profile image  

12/21/09 10:31 AM by orcus

 Yeah, I was extremely impressed with how good he was after a long layoff from two serious injuries, especially against a high intensity fighter like Gil. He did gas, but it didn't stop him from being very competitive through the end of the fifth round. I think if he hadn't gotten into the brawl in the second where he got dropped, he might have done even better -- i.e., closer rounds and probably more left in the tank for the later rounds.

NorthFromHere site profile image  

12/21/09 9:12 AM by NorthFromHere

I believe he was just a bit rusty. He did surprisingly well imo considering all the injuries he has had.

Naughty Gorilla site profile image  

12/21/09 9:09 AM by Naughty Gorilla

Rubber matches are overratedGet some new opponentsJosh fought stupid

joshross23 site profile image  

12/21/09 4:43 AM by joshross23

More fights before the rubber match would get Gilbert and Thomson much deserved face time on CBS/Showtime. The third fight would be huge.

OMA (tm) site profile image  

12/21/09 4:32 AM by OMA (tm)

 I talked to Gil on the phone last night (TOWEISM) He was being funny................... He will fight anyone. One thing is for sure, Coker is going to make both of them fight atleast 1-2 times before a rubber match.

pigpen site profile image  

12/21/09 3:13 AM by pigpen

 lol josh probably wants a third fight give it to him

KenP site profile image  

12/21/09 2:43 AM by KenP

Would love to see Cowboy v Thompson and Glibert v Varner.  Would be two very entertaining fights. 

michaelkaras site profile image  

12/21/09 1:41 AM by michaelkaras

 context.  if you watch the post fight press conference it was like "im willing to call it even...(laughs)"

BzGrappla site profile image  

12/21/09 12:45 AM by BzGrappla

Coker already said thats its really not happening.. but he will give them time.but there will be a 3rd.. maybe 4th and 5th

gorgesjorj site profile image  

12/21/09 12:43 AM by gorgesjorj

i like it. good tests for both.and since i believe that strikeforce will make them fight a rubber match at some point, it'd be nice to see them build it up over a year or 18 months.