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You and Rich have been married for eight years now. Where did you two meet?
We went to high school together, but didn't start dating until we were getting our Master's degrees. Rich only weighed 155 lbs as a senior in high school but by the time he entered college he looked a lot different.

Up until a few years ago you were a high school teacher. How did the kids react to you being married to Rich Franklin?
My students loved hearing about Rich, so sometimes I even brought in his fights for them to watch during their free time. When he would stop in to visit me, there would be a line outside my door of kids wanting autographs. They were very excited about the fact that their teacher was married to someone "famous".

Is it ever hard to deal with Rich's fans, especially when you're trying to spend quiet time away from the world of fighting?
It does get hard. There are times where I just want to spend time with Rich, my husband—not Rich, the celebrity. When we are with family or trying to enjoy a night as a couple, the interruptions can sometimes be discouraging, but I am always reminded that the fans are the reason Rich is popular—and to them, getting to meet him might just be the highlight of their day, so I can't really complain.

How much of your day is planned around Rich's training and fight schedule?

All of our plans revolve around what time Rich has to be at the gym each day. His training is always the first priority. I am a very independent person, so I keep myself busy while he trains. The closer it gets to fight time, the more hectic his schedule becomes, and the more I rely on my girlfriends to help occupy my time.

What's it like watching your husband enter the Octagon?
When Rich is fighting, it's hard for me to breathe. I stay pretty relaxed until he walks out to the Octagon. Then my entire body starts shaking as I try taking pictures. I just worry about him getting hurt. I know he prepares fully for each fight, which is comforting, but it is still really hard watching the person you love getting hit. After the fight, win or lose, I feel a sense of relief and can breathe again.

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