Ontario's Premier open to MMA

by Paul Bliss | source: toronto.ctv.ca

McGuinty leaves door open to Ultimate Fighting

ontario's Premier Dalton McGuinty is considering allowing the staging of Ultimate Fighting Championship matches in the province.

"No, no, I've got an open mind to those kinds of things," he told CTV Toronto on Monday when asked if he's opposed to the martial arts events being staged here.

"I'd want to hear from people who train kids in the martial arts, how popular is it among the younger age group and all those kinds of things. It's not the kind of thing I'd want to drive underground. In other words, I'd want to bring a thoughtful approach to it."

McGuinty said he would also want to consult with police and medical officials. He also said the issue is not a priority for him.

Some folks at a Jack Astor's bar gave a range of opinions about the possibility. A few had no problem with the notion, but one man said why not just broadcast "bar fights."

Ultimate Fighting has become one of the world's fastest-growing spectator sports. It is a mixed martial arts competition, combining elements of fighting sports such as boxing, wrestling, kick boxing, karate and jiu-jitsu.

Fighters only have lightweight gloves (4 to 6 oz.)  and either MMA shorts or kickboxing trunks.

Originally extremely brutal, it has toned down somewhat and become more mainstream to broaden its appeal. Although competitions are illegal here, pay-per-view events show there is wide fan interest in Ontario.

UFC president Dana White told the Toronto Start he wants to hold a competition here in 2010. He is also fighting to have his sport legalized in New York.

The UFC recently won a victory when Vancouver's city council voted to legalize mixed martial arts competitions. It has also been recently legalized in Massachusetts.

The Ontario Athletic Commission has periodically revisited the issue, but it has continually maintained that mixed martial arts violates Section 83 of the Criminal Code. That section forbids unsanctioned prizefighting.

White has said he would like to hold a UFC event in a venue such as as the Rogers Centre. He filled Montreal's Bell Centre in April and expects a sellout in Vancouver.

The UFC has claimed a UFC event in Toronto could generate $4 million in tax revenue.

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sexalicious site profile image  

12/23/09 4:44 PM by sexalicious

"ontario can suck a big western dick."There'd have to one first.

KneeUppercut site profile image  

12/23/09 4:24 PM by KneeUppercut

LOL.. Ontario would whoop Albertas ass are you serious. Even Dana White said that Toronto would be the biggest UFC even in the history of the UFC.

Mark Dorsey site profile image  

12/23/09 4:08 PM by Mark Dorsey

 windsor...oh my haha

JTB007 site profile image  

12/23/09 3:43 PM by JTB007

unfortunately, i agree. the hardcore fans and even casual interest is here. nearly every bar is packed on UFC ppv nights and even Strikeforce and Affliction could decent attention.BUT, the local economy in the windsor area and even detroit area would not lead to a very positive turnout and i can't see the UFC research team saying otherwise.7-10 years ago on the other hand would have been a great time to do it.

joe canada site profile image  

12/23/09 2:38 PM by joe canada

LMMFAO at "some folks at Jack Astor's bar". WOrst. Sample. Ever.Great wings though!

RabbiVJ site profile image  

12/23/09 1:47 AM by RabbiVJ

 Windsor is a shithole...Toronto 1st then Hamilton should get a Major MMA Event... NB:if i say UFC ill upset all the Anti-UFC Nuthuggers and if i say UFC then the shills will get a massive boner...so i say neither...:-P

inf0 site profile image  

12/23/09 12:45 AM by inf0

 lol @ Windsor.. wtf.. hahahahahahaahhahahahaahahahhaha

homegrowncone site profile image  

12/23/09 12:17 AM by homegrowncone

There's 10 million more people in Southern Ontario than there is in ALL of Alberta, SO is a HUGE market full of MMA fans, a UFC event here would be massive.

Card site profile image  

12/22/09 11:47 PM by Card

The UFC’s Web site gets more visits from Toronto per capita than from any other city in the world.

tenchu site profile image  

12/22/09 11:40 PM by tenchu

A Toronto UFC is going to be insane. Probably the biggest UFC event ever."Canada is the mecca of MMA" - Dana White - July 2009