Kung Fu beats Muay Thai 4-1 in Bruce Lee's birth place

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The Shaolin Temple may have sidestepped a challenge to Chinese kungfu, but another prominent school has stepped in to pick up the gauntlet.

Five famous professional Thai Boxers offered a challenge, claiming that they wanted to "wipe out the Shaolin Temple".

"Shaolin kungfu is a lie by these monks to Chinese Buddhists, and Chinese kungfu is nothing compared with ours," said one of the five Thai boxers who is ready to take on masters from the famous temple.

"If they accept our challenge, we'll win 5 to 0."

But Shaolin responded by saying the provocative words were "ridiculous", refusing to reply to the "secular challenge".

Zheng Shumin from Shaolin Temple said the temple is a holy Buddhist place where monks' primary concern is Zen practice and they would not get into contests with secular people.

"We receive so many challenges like this every year, we just don't want to reply," Zheng said. "We think this is hype from the Thai boxers and the organizers of the competition."

"In the history of Shaolin Temple, we never challenge or agree to fight others," said Zheng.

However, followers of Emei kungfu, another important school of martial arts in China, considers this a challenge that "any kungfu practitioner with a sense of justice should face."

Wang Jian, director of the Emei Martial Arts Association, and his senior disciple Huang Lin, entered the contest "to let the Thai boxers know that Chinese kungfu is never easy to beat."

"I couldn't bear it anymore ... after the public and all my fellow disciples urged me to show them real Chinese kungfu," Wang said.

"This is not only disrespectful to Chinese kungfu, it is also disrespectful to our nation," said Zhang Ji from Emei Martial Arts Association.

"As disciples of kungfu, whether from Shaolin, Emei, Wudang, or anywhere else, we should stand up to such defiance," he said.

The five boxers from Thailand will be in China for the contest on Dec 19 in Foshan, Guangdong province, the hometown of late action star Bruce Lee.

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The Chinese Kung Fu vs. Professional Thai Kickboxing Competition – yet another effort to determine which martial art is superior – was held at the Foshan Lingnan Pearl Gymnasium in Guangdong on Dec.19th. Chinese Kungfu beat Muay Thai 4-1 to win the competition.

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PoundforPound site profile image  

12/29/09 7:19 PM by PoundforPound

That's like me saying that Manny Pacquiao destroyed Ricky Hatton, thus showing the innate superiority that Asians have over Englishmen.In a sport invented by the English themselves no less.

Squatdog site profile image  

12/29/09 6:31 PM by Squatdog

The Chinese brought it on themselves and were subjugated by the superior European nations.

BeerMuscles site profile image  

12/29/09 5:38 PM by BeerMuscles

I don't see the big deal in calling San Da a form of Kung Fu. Every major tech in San Da can be found in various systems of Kung Fu. Sidekicks, roundhouses, spinning back fists, throws from Shuai Jiao, etc..Actually I think San Da is what REAL Kung Fu should be. Not the forms and crap found in most systems.

BeerMuscles site profile image  

12/29/09 5:33 PM by BeerMuscles

Am I the only one that thinks Muay Thai and San Da/San Shou look very little alike? Also, I LOVE THE SIDEKICK!!! Most underutilized kick in MMA.

CyborgRoyce site profile image  

12/29/09 4:37 PM by CyborgRoyce


Squared Circle site profile image  

12/29/09 4:36 PM by Squared Circle

 ^^ has no idea who Genghis Khan is.

CyborgRoyce site profile image  

12/29/09 4:30 PM by CyborgRoyce

Good post! I was surprised as well when i went and tried sanshou that they do the snap kicks. I was also taught to lean back when i kicked to get maximum reach out of it. I'm guessing they're not designed to knock people out (as with a lot of chinese kung-fu where the strikes are only meant to stun the opponent). It kind of makes sense for the sport of sanshou to have kicks like that since they allow throat strikes and snap kicks have higher speed and accuracy.

LittleKang site profile image  

12/29/09 3:54 PM by LittleKang

This thread rules!continue

MMA Industries site profile image  

12/29/09 3:23 PM by MMA Industries

 Is this really true? i am very surprised

GladiatorGannon site profile image  

12/29/09 2:23 PM by GladiatorGannon

"The throws are great,but they're not MMA suited. Sanda rules forbid following the downed fighter to the ground so the throws I learned were all designed to keep the thrower standing. Some of them could definitely be modified easily to be a more traditional takedown but some of them (like my personal favorite: hooking the lead leg from the inside with one's outside leg then using an overhook on the arm and flexing the hip hooking hip outward to send the opponent down) would not be so easy. This is a really minor gripe, but Sanda fighters would need to train traditional wrestling/Judo/Shuaijiao to get a handle on MMA useful takedowns."Standing after a takedown is not a problem - Think of it like gettting a takedown and getting halfway through a standing guard pass at the same time. In Fedors book, he specificly avoids some finsihes so he can end up in standing over his opponent (good for GnP or pass).