Chuck Liddell training with Eddie Bravo

  1. Chuck Liddell officially joins the 10th Planet family.Einstein&I will do r best 2 turn him into a jiu jitsu master



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mmacburt site profile image  

12/29/09 9:47 PM by mmacburt

No I think Eddie is great, his method great....rubber guard great....just him...I mean the Machados have produced much better black teachers and as competitors.I would much rather hear about BJ's latest tutelage under Rigan recently.....or.....what is JJ up too

RyannVonDoom site profile image  

12/29/09 9:27 PM by RyannVonDoom

 he's 3 years too late.

iknowkungfu site profile image  

12/29/09 9:24 PM by iknowkungfu

No, I like hearing things about people who train in a sport I love. What I'm tired of is everytime there is a post about Bravo or 10th planet everyone goes into a gi/no gi, rubber guard sucks, marijuana argument.

mmacburt site profile image  

12/29/09 9:15 PM by mmacburt

Anybody else sick of hearing and seeing stuff about Eddie Bravo? I'm a fellow..Machado student....but jeez....getting a little old.

thelibrasimilar site profile image  

12/29/09 8:14 PM by thelibrasimilar

Cuz Bravo got the bomb weed, yo!!No, seriously- this news is very encouraging. I think that there are legends (like Wand an Chuck) that are very obviously past their prime. But they both have good (not amazing) ground games that they don't utilize. And the only way that I'm interested in seeing either of them fight is to watch how they (finally) incorporate THE OTHER HALF OF MMA into their gameplans. If Chuck loses his next 3 matches, but starts going for a bunch of Peruvian Neckties and Gogo's during the losses, I'll watch each one if his fights stupid attentively,(p.s. I bet Bravo's got better "connects" than any of the Gracies. And he's also way more of an "ass man". (Cesar always seemed like a "boob guy" to me...) Lidell's an ass guy.)Did I adequately answer your question?

Fuzzy Badfeet site profile image  

12/28/09 1:55 AM by Fuzzy Badfeet

 john is one of the coolest guys on earth. I started training with john in 2005, and since then you are the first person i ever heard say anything bad about him.

Hunter V site profile image  

12/28/09 12:39 AM by Hunter V

well Chuck is a purple, prob trying to go through the ranks finally too!

cluster site profile image  

12/27/09 11:28 PM by cluster

Eddie mentions that chuck taught them the "half-and-half"

Deets89 site profile image  

12/27/09 11:26 PM by Deets89

ii thi

MickColins site profile image  

12/27/09 11:25 PM by MickColins

 Well, it seems kinda douchey to me since he had been training BJJ under John Lewis and BJJ was never his weakness(nor strength).  Edited for Crudeness.