Melvin Manhoef: I don’t do the ground game


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RabbiVJ site profile image  

12/30/09 12:45 AM by RabbiVJ

 +1 /thread

ballet of violence site profile image  

12/30/09 12:36 AM by ballet of violence

cote, griffen , lietes and lutter would probably be favorites against MM as well  

sliverbjj site profile image  

12/30/09 12:07 AM by sliverbjj

I saw him preparing before the Filho fight at AACC in Tokyo, and his ground game did not look bad at all, very explosive and good defensive stuff.

mmarkrobinson site profile image  

12/29/09 11:32 PM by mmarkrobinson

either way, i would rather see anderson v melvin over anderson v belfort or marquardt2. i think melvin is fast & strong enough to give anderson trouble. and dont get me wrong. i think anderson would win but it would be an exciting fight.

Timothyk site profile image  

12/29/09 11:25 PM by Timothyk

Faster? I think not. It's all about the game plan. Taking down stout, exploiting weaknesses. Anderson=BB Bjj, Stout, subpar ground game. Styles make fights. Even Marquardt would give Manoef trouble.

liquidrob site profile image  

12/29/09 11:17 PM by liquidrob

Melvin has been subbed 4 times in 30 fights, subbed by Fihlo, Mousasi, Yoon and Akiyama

BJJkilla site profile image  

12/29/09 10:44 PM by BJJkilla

it's not like he's gotten submitted by kimbo in his MMA career. guys like mousasi and filho have great ground skills.

Bry Bry site profile image  

12/29/09 10:44 PM by Bry Bry

^^yeah right, mahoef just swings for the fences like an unskilled brawler..LOL..Manhoef is an animal standing...he is faster, more explosive than Anderson but Silva is more would be a great fight to watch but i think Melvin would win if it stayed standing... lets not forget that Anderson took Curtis Stout down when they fought and Manhoef is 10 times the striker that Curtis is..

ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

12/29/09 10:42 PM by ranier wolfcastle

 thanks for that post patinho

nofatchicks site profile image  

12/29/09 10:34 PM by nofatchicks

I think Melvins standup is exciting, but I disagree with him having great odds. Anderson is too elusive for Melvin and would pick him apart. Melvin is tailor made for Anderson. 10 out of 10 is hyperbolic but Anderson is on another level in mma striking from Melvin. And I dont think that Melvin puts Nate or Hendo away easily standing.