The Hulkster: MMA is spanking WWE

by Ariel Helwani | source: http://www.mmafighting

"MMA is spanking the WWE as far as the pay-per-view stuff," Hogan told FanHouse on Tuesday. "Dana White and the UFC has done an amazing job, and it's all about timing. The UFC was ready to close its doors, they were losing a ton of money, they were going under, they were getting ready to go out of business, and then they did a reality show called, The Ultimate Fighter. They developed the characters; they made people care about the fighters; the people found out who the fighters were; they breathed life into the fighters. That's what I want to do with TNA. They've got the best talent in the world down there, but no one is breathing life into the characters."

Not only will Hogan be appearing on TNA television in a role he describes as, "the Vince McMahon of TNA," he also said that he will be running the show creatively behind-the-scenes. It is there that the 56-year-old will look to emulate what the UFC has been able to accomplish over the past decade.

"I have learned a ton of stuff from MMA, watching them," he said. "They remind me of TNA. Ton of talent, but no one has put that Frankenstein, shock the monster, breathe some life into the characters. I learned a ton from MMA, and I get along great with Dana White -- he's awesome."

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Jym site profile image  

12/30/09 3:37 PM by Jym

Bishoff supposedly ran the show in WCW,but when they brought in Hogan with all that money they pretty much gave him full creative control.Hogan didn't like the younger,smaller guys or the Luchadore's and he always wanted and brought in big dudes,whether they sucked or not,and most often they did.This is why guys like Guerrero,Jericho,Mysterio,Benoit etc. left,they were sick of Hogan and his elitist bullshit.The fact that MMA was being demonized and on the verge of being banned here in the states and that there were 2 huge promotions that were directly competing for the #1 spot every single week made it a good time to be a wrestling fan(I was also a teenager).

thforklift site profile image  

12/30/09 2:49 PM by thforklift

DMS runs the show.

JimmersonzGlove site profile image  

12/30/09 2:38 PM by JimmersonzGlove

He had creative control over his story lines and had a clause that he had to be the highest paid guy on the show I believe. That doesn't leave a lot of room for other people calling the shots.  

MMA Roundup site profile image  

12/30/09 2:38 PM by MMA Roundup

That's arguable.  Who do you think "ran the show?"

newbyfan site profile image  

12/30/09 2:36 PM by newbyfan

lol, good one!

Wiggy site profile image  

12/30/09 2:35 PM by Wiggy

Hogan didn't "run the show" in WCW.

ViciousCesar site profile image  

12/30/09 2:33 PM by ViciousCesar

so, does this mean they're gonna do even more of those fake MMA fights?

Squared Circle site profile image  

12/30/09 2:30 PM by Squared Circle

Hogan's being nice because UFC and TNA are both part of the Spike family.  Since MMA learned everything from pro wrestling, there's really nothing Hogan could learn from MMA that he didn't already know.

savage animal site profile image  

12/30/09 2:19 PM by savage animal

 this WILL be the 1st time Hogan has appeared on TNA programming, all else has been pretaped footage from press conferences. I'm very interested to what comes of this, especially with his "I've learned a lot from MMA/UFC " statements.

MMA Industries site profile image  

12/30/09 1:51 PM by MMA Industries

 gotta love Hogan