UFC 108: All fighters make weight but Daley

source: mmaweekly.com

All fogjters make weight, expect for Paul Daley.

British fighter Paul Daley weighed in a pound over the allowed 171-pound limit for his non-title welterweight bout against Dustin Hazelett, scheduled for UFC 108 on Saturday night. Daley tipped the scale at 172 pounds, while Hazelett weighed in at 168.

The normal procedure in such a case is to allow the overweight fighter an hour to lose the extra weight and step back on the scale. This was not so for Daley.

A source close to the situation informed MMAWeekly.com that during his examination by Nevada State Athletic Commission officials, Daley “appeared wobbly,” so they would not allow him to do anything further to tax his body to make weight. Commission officials apparently were concerned that any further weight cut might be too much of a health risk.

The fight will still be allowed to take place. The contracts will now be amended to reflect the change to a catch weight of 172 pounds.

MMAWeekly.com’s source also indicated that Daley would only be fined 10 percent of his fight purse. A fighter who fails to make weight after being given an hour to do so is typically fined 20 percent of his fight purse with 10 percent going to the commission and 10 percent to his opponent.

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MMA Industries site profile image  

1/2/10 10:18 AM by MMA Industries

 I am rooting for Hazelett

WWE_Fighter site profile image  

1/2/10 10:05 AM by WWE_Fighter

 Pathetic. Daley isnt a professional fighter.

AnthonyBrancato site profile image  

1/2/10 5:31 AM by AnthonyBrancato

Man, Thiago towered over Rashad in the weigh-in photo.

Mmanizzle site profile image  

1/2/10 5:29 AM by Mmanizzle

good for Hazelett, I hope he wins and subs Daley... Haze is humble and respectful....

Morgz site profile image  

1/1/10 10:39 PM by Morgz

 True professionals

BKViper site profile image  

1/1/10 9:32 PM by BKViper

1st question: Why does ufc.com have such shitty video quality.  I watched the press conference and the weigh-ins and the quality is horrid.  Do they really people aren't all on modem's anymore?!  Is there some option I am missing to view this content in full screen HD, or is there only one level of quality they stream? 2nd question:  Where did the new black ring girl come from, did I miss something?  Daddy likes that brown sugar!  She's cute (As far as I can tell from the video quality on the weigh-in stream).

Jerry Spiegel site profile image  

1/1/10 8:56 PM by Jerry Spiegel

joe sent me a text that him and danny woke up the right weight. so yay. im real excited to see them fight.i thought dan would struggle. i seen a story that they were 168 on xmas thats alot to lose. good for them great dicipline.

Morgz site profile image  

1/1/10 7:25 PM by Morgz

 So, Daily has to cut one lb.  That's a little interesting, no?  OK, I'm stretching.

EvilMaster site profile image  

1/1/10 7:23 PM by EvilMaster

My Spanish is pretty rusty. What's the deal with that?

DueceDroppin site profile image  

1/1/10 7:23 PM by DueceDroppin

Wow....That was exciting **YAWN**