Aoki: continuing to break it more would have been fine by me

by Tony Loiseleur | source:

"Continuing to break it more would have been fine by me"

After breaking the arm of Sengoku champion Mizuto Hirota with a hammerlock, the Dream lightweight champion followed it with a middle finger to Hirota, his corner and the audience. Aoki’s actions drew the ire of FEG and Dream officials, as Dream event producer Keichi Sasahara said Aoki was sternly reprimanded for his post-fight celebration.

Although Aoki apologized, his attitude indicated he was not particularly repentant.

“After my fight, I was excited, and so I did something rude that I should apologize for. But that showed just how excited I was over that fight,” said Aoki, despite stating prior to Dynamite that Hirota was a “virtual unknown.”

“When I had his arm behind his back, I could feel it popping,” Aoki said. “I thought, 'Well, this guy's pride just won't let him tap, will it?' So without hesitation, I broke it. I heard it break, and I thought, 'Ah, there, I just broke it.' I was stopped afterward, but even if I hadn't been, continuing to break it more would have been fine by me.”

Sasahara reported Friday that Hirota suffered a fractured humerus.

“Dream got a solid win [with my victory over Hirota], so that was good, but we finished off Sengoku. Although Sengoku was already finished from the very beginning,” Aoki chided, twisting the knife.

Aoki claimed his killer instinct came from a sense of duty to Dream and its management company, Real Entertainment.

“When Sasahara tells me to go and do something, I do it, and that's how I live my life,” he said. “If Sasahara tells me to go to Strikeforce and take them out or 'Go and kill that guy,' I'm going to do it. Even if he tells me to go take out Tanigawa, I'd do that too.”

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Recent Comments »

KTT_Minowa site profile image  

1/2/10 10:30 AM by KTT_Minowa

Everything can somehow be blamed on Dana White

crazydave site profile image  

1/2/10 10:28 AM by crazydave

Aoki is a punk.

threestars35 site profile image  

1/2/10 10:24 AM by threestars35

he's pissed with this fight with Hirota because in his mind Hirota is a lesser fighter and was looking for the Kawajiri fight, that's probably triggered his emotions to go against Hirota and his camp

AnthonyBrancato site profile image  

1/2/10 9:48 AM by AnthonyBrancato

Just wanted to get everybody's opinion ... nothing more, nothing less I suppose.

MrColdCock site profile image  

1/2/10 9:45 AM by MrColdCock

I agree about Babalu. Was really no big deal. It's happened many times before and happened since. However, it was a case of a fighter not following the ref's direction inside the ring. Aoki was simply finishing the fight. Nothing dickish about it. Henderson/Bisping was 10x worse.As far as after the fight... who cares? So a guy that makes his living punching people in the face and attempting to break bones makes it personal. I've never understood why fans... really just the UG, because casual fans sure don't mind.... get so worked up about it.

bhamill site profile image  

1/2/10 8:57 AM by bhamill

Really? Because Babalu didn't cause any injury... I never thought what he did was so bad. Gave him a little extra is all. Did he scream in his face and put his middle finger in his face, then flip off Heath's corner, then run around flipping off the audience? LOL. Aoki was WAY more of a dick IMO. Actually I think cunt is a better word for him.

MrColdCock site profile image  

1/2/10 8:51 AM by MrColdCock

Babalu's was worse. Heath sunk lower. What's your point?

AnthonyBrancato site profile image  

1/2/10 7:59 AM by AnthonyBrancato

And has it actually been determined that it was in fact a broken arm and not a dislocated elbow as some have suggested?In any event, where Hirota goes from here bears watching. A broken arm heals; a broken will is a different matter.

AnthonyBrancato site profile image  

1/2/10 7:58 AM by AnthonyBrancato

Comparing Aoki's actions with those of Babalu at UFC 74, which was worse?In an effort to help you answer that: Did anything Hirota said/did pre-fight rise - or perhaps more accurately, sink - to the level of what David Heath did?

MrColdCock site profile image  

1/2/10 7:55 AM by MrColdCock

No doubt. Aoki had a right to be pissed. The whole Budo thing goes both ways.