Kimbo The Six Million Viewer Man

by Ken Pishna | source:

There's no denying it: Kimbo Slice sells.

Spike TV’s David Schwarz on Monday informed that Nielsen numbers are in for The Ultimate Fighter finale. The Nielsen totals, which includes the live telecast and adds in all replays for the following seven days, pushed the average number of viewers for the Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson versus Houston Alexander fight up from 5.2 million for the live telecast to 6 million total.

The season 10 finale averaged 3.7 million viewers over the course of the three-hour live telecast, and 4.2 million with the seven-day replay window.

Even minus the replay viewership, the ratings were strong enough to make the Kimbo versus Alexander fight the most watched UFC bout of 2009, the finale the most watched final episode in Ultimate Fighter history, and shattered the series’ average viewership.

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Up With Evil site profile image  

1/4/10 8:44 PM by Up With Evil

Youhave to wonder how long Kimbo can maintain the interest of MMA's most casual fans when he continues to put thoroughly mediocre efforts in front of their millions of eyes.  Does his celebrity and gimmickry essentially transcend the need to perform in terms of his value to the UFC? Sports entertainment in an interesting business.   

dhughes site profile image  

1/4/10 7:45 PM by dhughes

That's a lot of people watching HA execute one of the most boring and ineffective game plans ever broadcast in modern MMA!!!

Redneck site profile image  

1/4/10 7:40 PM by Redneck

I understand that, but as they neglected to list the peak figure, I had no other point of reference.I dont really get why Spike include the replay stats in their figures, the true point of measure should be on the live, or initial broadcast only.

MoreThanUFC site profile image  

1/4/10 7:36 PM by MoreThanUFC

 That's an average.  The finale was peaking every 15 minute block up until Kimbo's fight.  The "average" is sometimes WAY below the peak if the peak is a proportionally smaller time slot that the show as a whole. 

SugarTits site profile image  

1/4/10 7:36 PM by SugarTits

MMA isnt boxing, it doesnt have 1/10th the draw. This is why most of the world thinks MMA is just entertainment like wrestling.

Redneck site profile image  

1/4/10 7:29 PM by Redneck

An average of 3.7 million viewers is the most watched UFC bout of 2009?

Cool Story Bro site profile image  

1/4/10 7:23 PM by Cool Story Bro

Only delusional mother fuckers will deny Kimbo's drawing power