DW: Boxing is an ugly, nasty business

source: ufc.com

“There’s no money over there. There’s money there for two or three guys and that’s it. There’s thousands of guys that are making no money, which is what I’ve always said."

“I know the boxing business and how it is. As soon as you’re not a huge draw and a huge star anymore they don’t give a f*** about you anymore, I came from that world and it’s an ugly world. I’m telling you right now it’s an ugly, nasty business, man, and I don’t ever want to see this business go there.”

“The way that we built this business is you have guys that make millions of dollars, guys that make hundreds of thousands of dollars, guys that make 60, 70, 80 thousand dollars a year, and guys that make 50 to 60 to 70 thousand dollars a year. The money is spread out between all the fighters, not just a handful of guys at the top."

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PJ Benn Fan site profile image  

1/5/10 12:20 PM by PJ Benn Fan

 Theres still money to be made in boxing. There are tons of guys who do ok just by being the big local fighter. Joe Mesi (Buffalo) and Steve Molitor (Toronto) come to mind as doing well without being "name" guys who sell PPVs. If you dont think there are tons of boxers making $40-$80K your nuts. Boxers also have the options of making GOOD money as sparring partners. IMO Dana's goal is to become bigger than boxing. If that happens, guess what? He will be as crooked and ruthless as Don King and Arum! And the sad part is? Hes not that far off as it is.  

Up With Evil site profile image  

1/5/10 12:08 PM by Up With Evil

LOL, yeah, who was it, Blinky Palermo?   

Racer X site profile image  

1/5/10 12:05 PM by Racer X

 Fucking fuck video pirates. If you steal UFCs you are a thief, period. I have no problem with Dana making Chuck DoF if that's what he wants to do.

fiercedragon site profile image  

1/5/10 11:59 AM by fiercedragon

NO, corruption killed boxing...

Zedlepln site profile image  

1/5/10 11:57 AM by Zedlepln

...which is exactly why the damned network deal needs to get finished. PPVs should be once a quarter, not once a month.  

Up With Evil site profile image  

1/5/10 11:55 AM by Up With Evil

PPVs are what killed boxing as a major sport.  

Vasechkin site profile image  

1/5/10 11:45 AM by Vasechkin

He didn't forget it, that's why UFC thrives.

Immaculata site profile image  

1/5/10 11:36 AM by Immaculata

Fighting is an ugly biz period.

Up With Evil site profile image  

1/5/10 11:28 AM by Up With Evil

Maybe that's the problem.  He's forgotten it.  

Ghetto-Top-Team site profile image  

1/5/10 11:23 AM by Ghetto-Top-Team

..."This is the guy who's whining about loss of revenue due to PPV piracy and he's creating directorships and paying people. Prick"Dana wants to show loyalty to a guy that made his company millions, let him work in a safe way and he's a prick for it? You're an idiot.