Josh Neer: I should have been given another shot

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This Friday night, Josh Neer will make his return to the cage after being ousted from the UFC for the third time. He will be on the Max Fights DM 'Ballroom Brawl 4' bill and, as he told MMA Unltd, he is looking forward to getting back to action again.

"It's going to be fantastic fighting in my hometown," Neer beamed. His opponent will be a largely unheralded 6-8 fighter named Matt Delanoit. Despite him not having the greatest record, Neer reckons that Delanoit will put up a good fight. "I've seen him fight a couple of times" he added. "I think he's decent. Fingers crossed, it should be an entertaining fight."

In his last outing, Neer was beaten by Gleison Tibau via unanimous decision and he was far from happy with how he looked that night.

"No, I wasn't happy with how I performed," Neer admitted. " I should have stopped his takedowns. However, I must say that I felt like I won because he did no damage to me! He took me down repeatedly, but he did absolutely nothing with them."

After that loss, Neer was cut from the UFC. Some have argued that this is unfair given the quality of opposition that Neer has been in with (in his last two fights he went up against Kurt Pellegrino and the aforementioned Tibau) and he shares these sentiments.

He said,

"I think I should have been given another fight. I had two back to back losses, but both were decisions, and I felt like I was the only one who actually 'fought' in both fights. I also feel that in both fights I was cheated out of 'Fight of the Night'. If either of those guys [Pellegrino and Tibau] actually fought, we could have made some money."

So is a return to the UFC something that Neer is desperate for? Not really, it seems. On the topic, he divulged, "It's just my goal to fight hard and have fun fighting in whatever organisation I fight in." This comment would seemingly leave the door open for Strikeforce to make him an offer, should he win on Friday night.

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MMAunltd site profile image  

1/9/10 1:32 PM by MMAunltd

 From the Iowa forum  

MMAunltd site profile image  

1/7/10 6:50 AM by MMAunltd

No problem!  

disorderlyconduct site profile image  

1/6/10 11:19 PM by disorderlyconduct

 Thanks, much appreciated, we use this site for our guys now, just because it is the official site of the Association of Boxing Commissions, which is now regulating MMA in most states.

2JupitersTooMany site profile image  

1/6/10 10:28 AM by 2JupitersTooMany

 I wrote an article a while ago about Neer, so I'll throw it up here, but I'm disappointed whenever one of my favorite fighters gets cut from a major promotion.  Dentistry and Josh Neer

thforklift site profile image  

1/6/10 10:23 AM by thforklift

Neer is a warrior, the essence of a true fighter. However, he complains about getting taken down a little too much for my taste. In his faulty opinion, anyone who attemps a takedown apparently isn't tough enough to stand and trade with him. He was pissed at Pellegrino and Gleison for taking him down and not standing with him. As much as I respect Neer and think he's great for the sport, he should really lay off complaining and instead become more dedicated to takedown defense.

Boldar site profile image  

1/6/10 10:16 AM by Boldar

 So he's mad because he still can't stop the takedown?  Sounds like he should do something about it and improve his game instead of blaming the other fighters. I'm a Neer fan, but those comments are just dumb.

MMAunltd site profile image  

1/6/10 6:53 AM by MMAunltd

BTW it's Sherdog Fight Finder that he is 6-8 on, which is generally regarded as the most complete fight record database. In the case, it appears it isn't. I have updated the record in the article.

MMAunltd site profile image  

1/6/10 6:47 AM by MMAunltd

You appear to be offended, that was never my intention. That article was written by one of our freelance guys and as far as 'the article being wrong', I apologise for your boy's record being wrong but that is easily rectified. There are various sources for fight records and AFAIK none are 100% reliable. The rest of the article is perfectly fine... Hope the event goes well and I hope it's a good fight. Look forward to seeing more of this kid after your hype.  

The Realist site profile image  

1/6/10 12:37 AM by The Realist

neer shouldn't have gotten a 3rd chance, he isn't a complete MMA fighter he tries to stand and wang then complains when he gets taken down with ease.