Warrior Roots: Keith Jardine

by Neil Carr | source: mixedmartialarts.com

Do you know who you are?  Do you know where you came from?  I bet you have no clue!  Just ask The “Dean of Mean” Keith Jardine and you might be a little surprised by what he found out. 

Jardine is one of the most imposing figures in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) today and people often comment on his Viking like appearance.  It is no accident that we associate today’s modern day gladiators with ancient warrior cultures of the past.  These warriors are fighting with the same skill, talent, and athletic ability that their ancient ancestors used to see a new day.  The big question is, who were Jardine's ancestors?

The “Dean of Mean” is a heck of a lot more than just one of the best fighters on the planet; he also has a deep appreciation for history.  Where do we come from?  How did we get here?  Looking for those answers Jardine used his brains rather than brawn by enlisting the help of science, the same way he approaches the fight game; smart! 

Jardine can fight and compete because thousands of generations of his forefathers were strong enough and successful enough to have a son, who in turn was able to also have a son, all the way down till Jardine was a twinkle in his father's eye.  Most individuals can only look back at their own history a couple hundred years before running into the genealogical “brick wall.”  The brick wall is when the public and private records of your ancestors run out and it looks like the tracks into history run cold.

However, hidden deep within each of us is the answer to mankind’s greatest mystery.  There is a link to the most ancient humans, an actual time machine, embedded into our cells. These cells act as a portal that has allowed scientists to reveal the blood of ancients running through your veins.  Every cell in your body contains the most accurate history book ever written - your DNA. Your DNA does not just explain who you are, but can reveal where you come from.

Understanding that his answer has been laying literally inside of him, Jardine turned to the DNA experts at Warrior Roots to help him unlock this mystery, and what he found literally changed his entire perspective on his family's origins. 

Jardine’s family, on his father’s side, migrated form Northern France, and according to his family history descended from the Norman Viking culture.  However, after doing a simple mouth swab and waiting just a few short weeks Jardine’s history was literally re-written before his very eyes, and this time the history book came right out of his own DNA that was inherited directly from his father. 

Astonishingly when Jardine’s results came back he tested positive for a genetic marker that originated in the Mediterranean.  Jardine's family history does not stop in Northern France, or even with the Vikings, instead it runs deep and far into the past.

How is this possible?  Most people can only look back a their own personal history over a couple hundred years at best, but the larger story of history and how humans have migrated across the world stretches back tens of thousands of years.  Science has discovered that certain genetic markers
in our DNA, which gets passed from generation to generation, changes very slowly over time.  Each change in these markers can be compared and counted with other people's DNA.

Given enough research and time, scientists have been able to create a map showing where people first appeared and where over thousands of years they moved, settled and then moved again.  When Jardine had his DNA analyzes it showed where the last genetic evolution occurred for himself, his father, grandfather, and so on... down through thousands of years, till he meets up with his people in the Mediterranean.

There is no shaking this fact, somewhere in Jardine’s past a forefather traveled to Northern France and left a direct male descendant, and that descendant mixed with the native population of Northern France and passed his genetic marker along, from father to son until we get to Jardine.  Though Jardine may never know how exactly that descendant made his way to Northern France he can be assured that his most ancient ancestors traveled there from out of the Near East. 

Warrior Roots not only armed Jardine with facts about his history but they also gave him a greater vision of his ancestors.  It is one thing to get a technical code for a genetic marker in his DNA and be able to point at a spot on the Earth's globe, but its even better to put flesh onto his ancestors bones.  So what were some of Jardine's ancestors like?  What did they have to do to succeed in the battles of their own time?

Jardine is likely to have had ancestors that were part of the Phoenician culture.  These savvy seafaring people were able to dominate the Mediterranean long enough to set up complicated trade networks with their fleets of ships.  The Mediterranean in the era of the Phoenicians was the heart of much of the world's trade and whoever commanded the seas was going to dominate the whole region. 

Phoenician warriors sailed and rowed out to battle anyone who threatened to interfere with their trade.  Rowing hard they would ram into other ships, throw down planks and then run across armed with long spears and xiphos double edge swords to do the hard dirty work of seeing success on the high seas.

Perhaps as the Phoenicians colonies spread around the Mediterranean one of his forefathers sailed around Spain and found France.  Perhaps when the Phoenician colony of Carthage grew strong enough to challenge Rome that one of his forefathers joined the army of Hannibal as it marches across Spain and France to get to Italy where it terrified Rome for decades.  After the war his forefather could have wandered north to settle, find a woman and raise a family.

While so much of history is lost to time, we can now recover part of it with our DNA.  For Jardine, and anyone who would like to have their DNA tested, new connections can be made with the past.  The rich stories of history, the countless dramas of struggle, defeat and triumph take on new meaning when seen through the lens of a long unbroken chain of ancestors, not over hundreds, but thousands of years.

for more information, check out warriorroots.com...


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