Wanderlei: Going to knock Bisping out in the 2nd

by Brett Okamoto | source: lasvegassun.com

Las Vegas-based UFC middleweight and former PRIDE star Wanderlei Silva was the guest of honor at a recent question & answer session with fans inside the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Here are some of the best moments with Silva, who is scheduled to face British fighter Michael Bisping at UFC 110 in February in Australia.

Q. What round will you knock out Bisping?

Like fight with Michael Bisping, he's got a great style. Sometimes guys respect you so much, it's OK, you're a professional, but some guys don't respect you and that's OK, too. I love that.

The second is good — I'm going to try in the second. Going to try in the first, too, sure. Part of fight today is everybody is a strong guy, big guy. You wrap your hands, but it's still solid. One touch and it's done. One wrong movement and a guy catches you, it's done. I like the fight with Michael Bisping though. He's got a great style.

Q. What was your most rewarding or favorite victory? Mine was when (Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson) went through the ropes (at Pride 28 in 2004).

(Laughing). Me too.

BVitor Belfort came in and won a catchweight fight and got a title shot. How bad do you want to fight Anderson Silva for the tile?

Really, I talk with Anderson again who was my friend for so long and we had our problems but we're done with those problems. At this moment, I don't want a fight with him. He's the champion. I need to prove myself again inside the Octagon. I need to fight better. After few fights I would feel comfortable, but now, I don't want a fight with him.

BHow have you handled the losses, especially the knockout ones?

I remember last year, I lost to Jackson. I trained six months for that fight because he's real tough. I had one wrong movement. I touched him and he was going back, I went after him, he got me and it was done. Out. I didn't remember it. I remember standing up, walk, sit down in locker room and talking to my coach and I said, "What happened?" He was like, "It's done." I started to cry. Losing is so bad. Last year was hard for me. This is the first time in my life I go to no parties. I hear 'pop pop pop' of New Year's fireworks and I stayed in bed. But thinking of bad moments in life, there's no need to stop doing what you do. I think in the future I'll have a lot of lessons for my fighters and in seminars around the world. I've been through a lot and I want to pass this on to other fighters.

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MMA Industries site profile image  

1/8/10 1:29 PM by MMA Industries

 I think Bisbing takes this fight for some odd reason

Ramsey site profile image  

1/8/10 1:26 PM by Ramsey

Its always fun to read Wanerlei's quotes in his voice. Try it

Jetster site profile image  

1/8/10 11:58 AM by Jetster

Wanderlei:"I'm going to knock him out" We know that Wandy...no need to state thhe obvious...

Juhana site profile image  

1/8/10 11:47 AM by Juhana

Silva is like Crocop: once great, but now way past his prime.

crazydave site profile image  

1/8/10 10:11 AM by crazydave

Wand has so many fucking fans in Australia it going to be like the guy is fighting in Rio

Heartbroken Lee site profile image  

1/8/10 7:42 AM by Heartbroken Lee

Cool dude. Then it's on: 6 months SN, $100, plus the other thing. May the best man win :)  

AhYeAh site profile image  

1/7/10 10:23 PM by AhYeAh

True "never is a lil harsh since he is your favorite fighter. Six months is ok by me.

Heartbroken Lee site profile image  

1/7/10 9:59 AM by Heartbroken Lee

 Sounds good to me, but never?! 6monts is fair I think. If I win, you have to do what we discussed. If you win, I won't mention Bisping for 6 months?

Archer0545 site profile image  

1/7/10 7:56 AM by Archer0545

 Wand by intensity!

ramit upper site profile image  

1/7/10 2:46 AM by ramit upper

haha.....               dont worry!     you wont forget my name! i`ll make sure of that!