Liddell's TUF 11 coaches could include Bravo, Shields, Hackleman, Davis & Henson

by Steven Marrocco | source:

 Liddell's TUF 11 coaches could include Bravo, Shields, Hackleman, Davis & Henson 

Liddell begins filming the 11th season of the long-running series on Jan. 21 alongside rival coach and six-time light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz. According to UFC president Dana White, "TUF 11" is expected to feature 16 middleweight hopefuls will compete in the show's traditional tournament format. has learned of some preliminary picks for Liddell's coaching staff, who will be part of the show's six-week shoot.

According to multiple sources, Olympic gold medalist and American Top Team striking coach Howard Davis Jr. is under consideration as Liddell's boxing coach. Olympic silver medalist Sammy Henson is under consideration as the team's wrestling coach, and Liddell's longtime kickboxing trainer, John Hackleman, is expected to make a brief appearance.

For jiu-jitsu, Liddell is considering two coaches: Strikeforce middleweight champion Jake Shields and rubber-guard guru Eddie Bravo.

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jkd4200 site profile image  

1/7/10 12:50 PM by jkd4200

You make some good points... im just amazed how people did not like shields over miller... shield put on a clinic. He mounted and back mounted miller in every round... hell, he even almost did a twister on him. you cant fault jake because miller has a good defense

cumprido1 site profile image  

1/7/10 12:49 PM by cumprido1

Shields would be my top choice because he's experienced in MMA and no-gi grappling.

QUENTEN site profile image  

1/7/10 12:23 PM by QUENTEN

TTT for Chuck and Hackleman

MuchRespec' site profile image  

1/7/10 11:56 AM by MuchRespec'

Shields' wins: 3 (T)KOs ( 12.5 %) 10 Submissions ( 41.67 %) 11 Decisions ( 45.83 %) So he's finished better than half (excluding the losses of course). Another guy I think gets a bad rap in that respect is Hendo:11 (T)KOs ( 44 %) 1 Submissions ( 4 %) 13 Decisions ( 52 %) Out of 25 wins he's finished half of them essentially. And both guys aren't fighting slobs, it's not the easiest thing to finish top-tier fighters imo. Just sayin'.*note; I am in no way defending the Shields vs Mayhem fight because I'm pretty sure I dozed off during it, and worse all my 'casual fan' buddies bitched to me about it - because of course I'm the guy who told everybody they MUST see the network TV debut of The Russian*

LiftStrong site profile image  

1/7/10 11:55 AM by LiftStrong

Youre only as good as your last fight! lol just teasing brother.

FearMir site profile image  

1/7/10 11:46 AM by FearMir

Because Jake hasn't finished his last 8 out of 9 fights via TKO or Sub?  

LiftStrong site profile image  

1/7/10 11:43 AM by LiftStrong

lol, well still waaayyy better than Shields! "ok guys, when you get him down, hold onto his legs, and DO NOT throw any strikes! Not even if they will help you improve your position... Oh, and dont forget, no matter what dominant position you get into, DO NOT attempt a sub! That would also be dangerous... just ride out control and take the decision"

MuchRespec' site profile image  

1/7/10 11:41 AM by MuchRespec'

Why is Hack's appearance 'brief'? He should be running that shit imo.

Jason Chambers site profile image  

1/7/10 11:39 AM by Jason Chambers

Scott Epstein is the jits coach.There was a post about it.

LiftStrong site profile image  

1/7/10 11:15 AM by LiftStrong

That would be sick if Bravo was the coach... Shields, not so much. Given his history with the UFC, Bravo has to be the guy!